December 12th, 2000


(no subject)

mmmm.... well I'm not going anywhere... I got up at 7:45 and thought I'd make the 8:35 bus, and when I was up to my waist in snow and had not even left the driveway.... I turned around and called the office to say... Um, my granny passed away, the kids are sick, my wife needs me and oh, yea... I gotta spend the entire day shoveling my laneway.

At about 12:45 am last night I got a migraine... came on like gangbusters... if you can relate... well you know what I mean, if not... imagine a team of construction workers going at the back of your head with hydraulic drills... At 12:55 the tell tail SNAP of my auto-kinda-cool-but-painfull-injector sounds as I blast a full dose of imatrix into my thigh... Unfortunately I think imatrix is loosing it's effectiveness and I'm going to have to switch to a new drug for migraines... Imatrix has been great for like 8 years... any ways, at 3:30 I was still twitching in my bed, propped up on a pillow and trying desperately to get to sleep... it finally came and then so did 7:45...

See ya later lj.