December 9th, 2000


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Hey, I just crused around before bed ... what the hecks going on ... so much concern about stuff? What's wrong? Has something bad happened in LJ land?

Somebody that knows, please drop me a line to fill me in.

Nighty night

oh, and a quick night time wish list:

- That corto finds time to catch up on his lj friends journals.
- that corto has red hot and steamy monkey sex
- that corto finds some good grass and catches a buzzz
(what a self centered hedonistic pig eh!!!)
- I also wish that Magenta would get to enjoy time to herself without guilt trips from friends that don't get it!
- and that blackdreams gets laid so big time she becomes one with the concept of complete satisfaction!
- and I wish for peace in the world of antipreppiegyrl free from dick-for-brain-kkk
- ummm, nbbmom - kym can have all my best vibes for being an awsome girl and for deserving an extra pair of jewel encrusted battle shorts for valience in child rearing.
- and lastly tonight, I wish mauracelt had a dancing partner!!!! to wear out her dancing shoes with.

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Hey... lj. Long day... in bed at 3:20 am and up at 7:00 AHHHHHHH

("sure honey, lets get some babysitting and go out... lets dance and party till the wee hours and ... and ... and then come home, loose the sitter and be tired for like 3 days...")

corto is herbal. tonight is going to be a spliferific evening... be prepared for senseless emotional posts that think they're funny when the joke has long since become old!!!! (HA!)

If I had unparalleled magical powers that defied all reality based concepts... I would whip up a palatial dining room, with an adjoining game room, heated pool, massage suite, steam room and wet bar... staff the whole deal, stock and equip everything for self indulgent pleasure and spirit every one of my lj friends in for a complete evening of social interaction, hedonistic pleasures, and general merriment. This would be my dream come true.

Hugs to the bunch of you and the ones that are dealing with emotion gangsters on LJ,... tell 'em to "Biteme" and move on. They can't hurt you here. and besides, when they get you down, come see corto... I got love'en aplenty and am only too happy to share.
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Well it's bath time in the funhouse... Ed's done and George - who has just discovered the joy of walkmans (had head phones and sharon, lois and what's-his-name on tapes all afternoon) - is comming up.

Small piece of advice for parents of toddlers... DO NOT teach them - or avoid at all costs - the term "Pirate Ship". Geezusssss ... Everywhere we went today it was "Pirate Ship" this and "Pirate Ship" that... and if you don't see the problem there you gotta say that outloud yourself a few times... then slurr it back a clarity octive or two 'cause its a two year old saying it....

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Ok, jeez...Kath. Why don't you just whack your friends list down to like 6 people you feel really good about and make everything friends only.

ps. I actually don't know what's up- besides general malaz about people being two faced in LJ land, so know that my heart rides shotgun with you ok.

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Well I just cruised through a bunch of the lj zone. It's like sitting down and deciding to spend an hour reading another chapter in a cherished book. I'm sitting at my desk waiting for Z to come home from another evening of shopping extravaganzas... We (she) did most of our shopping on '' (unbelievable good way to go! - stuff arrives 48 hours later wrapped and tagged with cute little namers and cool little boy stickers of race cars, etc. on the tags. This was included in the cost.

Before me sits the groovy super tall (practically a vase for a single rose) shot glass. Two of 'em came in the gift box with that Godot Belgian White Chocolate Liqueur. This glass is half full now. Please note I very rarely drink anything with a kick. I pay this head ache thing kind of a price distantly beyond reason, if I have too much.
Beside the shot glass is a mug of freshly ground and brewed Euro Roast Coffee. And mere minutes ago I went a little bit herbal and as my bud would say, made the night spliferific.

Having danced my feet and heart out last night I feel pretty good about being this peacefull on a Saturday night.

Following on a previous theme... There was this incident in the Canadian parliament back when Mr. Sweater Man (Brian Mulroony) was PM when, during a heated debate across the floor of the HOC the PM himself is accused of calling someone a bad name. A really bad name. :)
So, this CBC Radio comedy team does a skit the next weekend where this dude that does the bang on impression of the PM is sketching on an interview with the press. "No, no" he says "I was just saying the loyal opposition is often like a bunch of hens. They are always cluck clucking about something. And I mearly commented to my collegue that the honerable member seemed to be 'clucking faster'" And then they break into this song... "Faster... Clucking Faster..."
Suffice to say, this thing came up as we were cleaning up dinner tonight, and I sang the little diddi. From the family room, totally engrossed in a stack of link'en Lincoln Logs, I immediatly hear Ed ape right in time the exact song... hitting each word perfectly. Baby, you cannot be two, hell even almost three as is Ed, and say "clucking faster" without sounding like an innocent little baby boy singing about a fucking bastard....
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