December 7th, 2000


hey... ho ho ho ho ho (*cough*) ho ho ho.


I just noticed that, in fact, there is a Santa!!!! (Yes Virginia...)

He's hang'en in Live Journal for a bit. Check him out at Santa's Journal

I figure the whole friend concept can do one of those "she told two friends, and they told two friends..." shampoo commercial things and see if Santa can get busy.

The idea is to put yer christmas list, christmas wish up - He'll evolve a little I'm thinking...

Anybody gonna play?
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(no subject)

um... I woke up this morning and logged into my hotmail account and was struck by a special feeling...

Do you remember how you felt the first time you paid attention to the lyrics of the Polices' "message in a bottle" ???? Do you remember when the line about all the bottles washing up on shore....

I had a whole huge pile of emails from my friends and my heart kinda sored through the roof. Boy I know I'm a big suck sometimes but feeling good is pretty well what this whole life deal is all about. I feel pretty dam good today.

I'm off to a clients for while (with no internet access ... rats) so I'll see ya later LJ.
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woa... this music... what a bunch of head bangers... kinda cool though.

Hey, I forgot to mention before that I actually have a cute little blues clues bandaid wrapped around my big toe... how this is important to anyone is beyond me but I really wanted to get the fact that I had a blues clues bandaid on into my journal. :)
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(no subject)

ack! erg@ and bletch... as I endeavour to express myself.... yes kellie, I'm having another busy day.
As I've said before - to the delight of some - I am completely wrapped and slapped today.

(FYI: wrapped - wrapped up with lots of work, slapped - people I'm working for standing around reminding me that the deadlines are looming... as in "slapping me in the face with a deadline... hence "wrapped and slapped".)

See ya later... "Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work I go..."

(no subject)

Hey lj... I'm writing this sitting in a cab that's stuck in traffic on my way back to the office from a client site... What a bunch of knobs... sorry, and I'm sure they are not ALL knobs nor are the big knobs I deal with ALLWAYS knobs, but for now, lets just let me conclude that they are a bunch of knobs. Had to go make nice nice with a guy that needed a little bitch slapp'en to make him let me work - I just love being in a stressed out mood, surrounded by lazy people, trying to get my work done and being harrassed by some dude that has no authority in his real life... anyways, like a good little consultant, I made him feel all special - although grabbing his hair and smacking his forehead against his desk would have been loads more fun... weeeee!

So, I have this LJ buddie, Knuckles. She's all darling and babelike, but mostly she's back!!! She's been away and I'm looking forward to getting a note from her telling me how her litle adventure turned out. Opps... cabs arrived at my office... gotta go. I'll be bawk (arnold voice there!)

Ok, back in the office...

ps. when I hear this song... I think of my journal... specifically, I think of my friends here... the words just seem so on target... just substitute my LJ friends for the 'you' and you'll see what I mean.
(and forgive me o'dido fans if I get the words wrong... I'm try'en to pick em out as best I can...)

Morning rain clouds up my window
I cant see at all, and even if I could,
it'd all be grey. Put your picture on my wall,
It reminds me that its not so bad ...

... and then you call me and it's not so bad, it's not so bad,
I want to thank you for giving me the best day of my life
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(no subject)

Hiya lJ... wow, I just crawled out of bed... I passed out tonight. zebra is such a great snuggle... I crawled in for a sec and just could not crawl out again...
I wanted to post one thing and crawl back again.

I have a very short night time wish list today: mostly cause I'm so bagged and wanna crawl back into the warm place...

Sillybear: has been a friend for a long time, though she does not post too too much. She's a single mom of two toddlers and my wish for her is that she meet some of the other moms I know her in LJ land... I've said stuff about strong personalities and characters that have to face tough music and keep on dancing... Well this little bear is dancing as fast as she can.

Night night LJ... corto is looking through tiny little slits for eyes...
ps. Zebra gave up her ticket to the play, we have sitters and tomorrow night is company christmas party central... I'll take pic's.
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