December 6th, 2000


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ps. wow... so what's the deal cin?

Ok, its official

I'm loosing it. No, I'm not smoking... that's seems to be under control. I feel a little like chuck (mr. manson - 'member him) but I can deal with that. No, the problem is that I've got so much freaking work to do that I wanna just spit. I mean, what happened to just kicking back and blowing off the whole day reading and commenting on the friend list....

No seriously, I just feel a little out of sorts and out of the loop. I miss my buds in LJ land... I've had so little available time lately. That "ps" up there at the top... Ciinnimon, you posted something about POP and I replied from way down deep inside... but it's gone! I hope I didn't say something that freaked you out... ("corto you big big freak! stop scaring people" ... sage advice, 'cept nobody gives it to me so I just keep running off at the finger tips)

Ok, I gotta get to some client site and watch 'em all waiste time like it's endless...

("love and darkness and my sidearm" - a line from the song I'm listening to... great tune, freak lyric.)
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somebody better make that chicken thing from last night and then post me a note about how unbelievably great it was or I'm going to have go all natural born killers on ya... Yea, right... Ok, so I tend to overdramatise things... but I might just go and crumple up paper that nobody has used yet!!! ha!

(man my heart is just pumping... it's like on some kinda adreneline freak... seriously, I'm practically sizzeling - what is going on?)
I gotta get some stuff done... later LJ.
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Ok, I'm going to go to bed soon and I wanted to get a few night time wishes in place:
There are so many strong personalities that I get to read about... you guys totally rawk my world... you face all this crap and waltz on through... sure it's hard but so many people out there just cant make it. You guys are a living novel for me!

Tala : dreams come true but usually require a little patience... it'll come.
Lesslyn: get some sleep would ya! (and I'm glad you're home - your friends missed you)
Junebugg: lots of 5s are my wish for you...
Jen: I hope your feeling better
idle-alice: good health is my sincere wish for you ...go to bed!
allyn: I hope you get to blow off a day at work just like I wish I could.
indica: try not to eat too many twix... they make hair grow on your ears!!!! (then you gotta pull them out!
ratonil: I hope you get out from under the black clouds!! go dancing.
puglover: you rawk... I love the good vibes you put out... warm smushy hugs to you girl.
lianna: wow ... have you seen yourself lately?... have you listened to you? you sooo deserver to fulfill your deepest desires and not settle for anything less.
kellie: patience kellie... my nighttime wish for kellie is again sleep, but also patience with hubby... he's got a lot to deal with too. ps. was he there for the birth...? ;)
liz: hmmmph. words fail me... just kidding, no they don't. I completely wish that your last day tomarrow gets done quickly so you can enjoy yourself.
Kizsa: I continue to hope you get super healthy in time to enjoy your birthday...
(ps. being left off the night time wish list just means I got yanked to bed by Z... nothing more... you are all amazing to me.)
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Ok, just one more quick post then sleepy time.. Z 'still shoving kiddie pictures into Christmas cards... I've mentioned this before but it was a while ago... Something that totally drives me nuts here in LJ Land is that you get to thinking your friends know each other. You know what I mean? When you click into a friends friend page and see who their friends are it really hits ya that on the one hand... there sure are a lot of people here... and on the other hand, your friends don't know each other. Well some do!
Hmmmm just tried something... and found that it has not yet happened... There is no live journal user named 'santa' or 'santaclause' yet... what a wonderful idea. I cannot imagine how I could handle the time required to do two journals, but what a neat idea .. .little pic of santa... all kinds of good boy bad boy, good girl bad girl stuff... You could get write your letters to santa there...