December 5th, 2000



Ok, I'm listening to dido again and of course, I am unbelievabley overcome with emotion. I want to spend like an entire day just typing into my journal. But I remain wrapped and slapped by the volume of work that needs doing.

Couple of quick points:
Lakme - (and anybody else that cares to listen) This place is significantly more real than most places you find yourself these days. I agonize over trying to figure out how to 'splain LJ to someone that is not here or does not get it... without sounding like a zelot. I'm here for you Lakme and I'm real. If I worry about an LJ friend it's real, it's genuin and if I can do anything for them... I'm there! period.

Kath: hold hands with people that love you ... and do it now. do it lots. and just in case your alone or something, consider my non-corporial form floating near by holding your hand and doing a dam good job of it. K?

I got a couple of kick ass recipies to lay on ya. Ones for "I got a few things kicken in the fridge... what can I make that's awsome for dinner" and the other is a major top secret hungarian christmas pastry cookie thing that will knock your sox off.... but they'll have to wait a bit.

Peace... you guys and I could go on for a page or two about how great you are for my soul. Thank you from the tips of my toes and the bottom of my heart.
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Hey... I've been reading all my friends out and boy, you guys are sure up to a lot.
It's time to share a little: this is zebra when she was 5! Someday, I'll post a recent pic or put it on the new web page ... when I get back to working on it... (immediately following her finding out that I've posted a recent picture, I'll be picking myself up off the floor and hoping that I can make it to a doctor... LOL

Lets, see: cook this (if your a meat eater... chicken meat that is).

This is the idiots guide to a yummi meal. "corto chicken"

You will need:
- some veggies... some green and red pepper and an onion. (maybe a half of each)
- some chicken... like one big fat breast - no bones.
- some flour, some cornstarch, some veggi oil, soya, plum souce, chilli peper (you know, that shaker of little hot things you stole from that restaurant last year...)
- little butter wont hurt,
- salt, pepper.
- a package of those noodles that my kids call "itchy bum noodles". They're like 50 packages for $2 ... ok, not quite but they're cheep. Get the 'oriental' flavour - any flavour will do!
- sauce pan and fry pan.

Ok, half fill the sauce pan with water. Pour in the 'flavour packet' from the noddle package. Heat it up and add the noodles when it's hot.
Wash and chop those veggies up. (no finger bits... yuck!!!)
Butter in Fry pan on stove and heat that pan up!
Add veggies to fry pan and salt them ... a little more ... good. Now stir them up and sizzle 'em till they're looken cooked... I man look at the onions.. they either look raw or cooked. No mistake.
Pour 'em out of the pan into a bowl.
Cut up the chicken into little pieces the size of a 'caramel' (member those little candies... yum). Roll them in flour. So, you have a plate with these little white (white from flour) blobs all over it.
Put a table spoon of Corn Starch in your hand and rub it all over the chicken pieces.

Did you forget to turn off the pan after you poured the veggies out? Good, so it's nice and hot... super. Put some veggi oil in there (some = two / three tablespoons). Is it hot? Can't tell? Touch it.. NONONO just kidding... Spit in it... No, don't gobb in it - yuck, ok skip that... it's hot by now anyways. The element should be at like 6-7 (out of 10) NEVER on HI ok.
Put the chicken in there. Yup in the oil... got a splatte screen? dam usefull things they are.
Should be sizzlin. Stir 'em around...
Nail a little soya souce in there with em... more sizzle.
Pour some (remember "some" from a few lines ago) plum souce into the pan with the sizzling chicken. stir stir stir stir... time for pepper and chilli peppers... (how hot do you like stuff?)
The chicken should start looking cooked... browning a bit.
Pour the veggies into the pan with the chicken. stir stir...
Remember those noodles? pour like a quarter cup of juice (that would be about 3 "somes") - Get it, three-somes! (I just can't help getting sexual when I talk food) from the noodles into the fry pan with everything else.. stir stir. the cornstarch will ensure that the juice thickens and so long as the chicken is cooked (take a piece out and cut it in half ... looked cooked to you?) it's done.

Put a scoop of the noodles (strained!) on a plate and a big scoop of the chicken veggie stuff. This will be really delicious and look kinda cool too.
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Well, let's see. we have these little black satin batman capes that the kiddies wear around... it's cute. Ed is treating his with Linus like affection. Just dried off from the bath, his little naked self goes sprinting down the hall and grabs his cape, puts it on AND STOPS. He's just standing there...rubbing the satin of the cape over his little tummy and chest. "Hey daddy ... this feels really really really good. I like my cape on my tummy" ... I've been chasing after him with a diaper and pj's. Zebra is coming out of a bedroom and I say - more to her for the humor of it - "Well my little Ed, maybe you'll be a cross dresser." Man, this was yesterday. We are now officially getting sick of hearing Ed tell everybody that cares to listen that "I'm gonna be a cross dresser!!!" (That'll learn me!)
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nighti night lj land. I'm a sleepy boi and theres lots to do when I wake up.

My bedtime wishes are as follows:
- that kellie gets a good sleep (shhhhh lexi, it's ok. just rest your little self...)
- that shoo gets snow! (so she can enjoy that suburban)
- and Lesslyn enjoys swimming around in all those memories.
- Lianna learns how to express herself and finds the strength to stop being so conservative and reserved - hahahahaha :) ps. I'm glad schools out... now what will you do?
- as I stumble off to bed, for sure, I'm hoping Lizalicious gets all the reading done she needs... and if you fall asleep, don't dream of dancing till dawn... (wake up!!! you should be reading)
- I hope like crazy that krizsa gets over her cold (only 3 days to go!!!)
- and for sure, when I crawl into bed, I'll be thinking a hopefull thoughts for leah to be safe in the house of lunes,
- and empathy to have nice dreams... no exploding heads, ok!!

Good night lj and sweet dreams ...

ps. Did you know the first home clothes washing machine was introduced in 1953... man,... what the hell did you do if you had kids before that? ahhhh