December 2nd, 2000


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mornin... ug... I'm a tired corto...why on earth am I awake? Oh yea, to watch the kids fight with each other.... fun fun.

Today is the Kids Christmas party from my office. We take the boyz to my office where - apparently - it's all decked out as a Christmas zone and play games and see santa. This could be loads of fun or very lame... I'll take pics and let you know.

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Ok time for a big happy Goof report...

As I listen to Ed (the 3 year old) singing at the kitchen table, happily cutting (with kiddie scissors!) otherwise useless legal size paper into an amazingly large number of amazingly small pieces - all of which I will be vacuuming up ... and George performs kung fu forms in front of the tv watching some Americanized Japanese import cartoon anime-wannabe, and my lil'Zebra sleeps soundly under the giant duvet... I bask in my own special glory. For today I am Mr. Man - or at least I have been dubbed "the man" by my friend Lizvang. Not a word of a lie, I am in a feel-good place. It is a groove station max in lj land (can you believe I actually put those last three words together... way goofy today) to be able to talk to your friends and help with stuff their going through or just buoy each others spirits and cast votes of confidence... but you (my friends) are all so distant and detached. Well except for Tala but she's kinda special. So any ways... last night I got to reach out and actually do something tangible for a friend and it made me feel ten feet tall.
Any ways... like I said at the start, this is a total goof report 'cause it's really no big shaking deal, but it is a nice feeling... (I guess I really outta get out more huh).

later lj.

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Ok, sports 'colour' commentators have got to be the biggest morons on the planet.

I had the tube on some speed skating thing a moment ago and this Korean girl gets KICKED in the face with a BIG MONSTER LONG speed skate... It takes her out... we see them helping her to her feet to get her off the ice... there's blood dripping down her face... she's kinda twitching in one of those shock moments when an athelete goes from high energy to sudden stop. She looks like she's in agony... the idiots commentary is...

"Well it looks like she definately got kicked just above the eye... she's up and she's seems to be OK!"


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Back to happy land. It's funny how what goes around comes around... kind of a "pay it forward" kind of a thing...

Another of my awsome friends (Kathleen the great!) is sending me something in the mail in an effort to make life a little easier...(*) basically we're caving into snail mail when email just cant cut it... Live is grand.

(*) on another note: at that point I had to take a little break to track down the radioactive waste scent I was getting... People if you don't have kids you just cannot freaking imagine what kind of damage a 3 year old on the verge of being potty trained can do when he decides it's time to take a dump... one word WOW.

Heuy Lewis and The News

Member them? The song... "I wanna new drug"

Ok, got the tune in your head.... Now sing along with me:

I Got A New Friend
One that says what she feels,
She has a lit-tle ba-by girl
Only seven weeks old.

:: Ok so you get the idea... Her name's Kellie and she's a super hero! (Of course, all moms - 'specially with new babies - are super heroes!!) Only dif between a super hero with baby versus super hero with toddler is the amount of spit-up on the cape!!!

And she's got an awesome custom journal page!!! wow

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eyelids feeling sticky... try to open... blink. Finally.
ug in the extreem. hard floor, glow from night-lite is bright
bright enough to indicate I've been out for a while
carpet... bleh! carpet fuzz on my lips...
still have not even budged... only managed to open my eye
now the other eye...
my arm is unbelievably aching
it is extended up above me and wedged between wooden rungs
my finger is held in an improbably vice like grip
I pry my finger out of Eds hand,
pull my arm out from the crib
regard his sleeping little self
stager out of the boiz bedroom and look for coffee.

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listen can I ask a favour of my friends... it's a small thing.

Could you please comment on this posting with a one liner that is your email address?
*** NOT your address. ***

I want to compile a list of these addresses and put 'em all in my online addi book and this would make it so easy...

This is motivated by a desire to have a way to say "hey" to you if Live Journal ever dies completely or temporarily.

Of course, you don't have to. In fact, if a whole bunch of people post stuff suddenly messages like this get slammed back two "<< previous 25"s and never actually seen. But it's a start.