November 30th, 2000


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Have you downloaded your journal lately?
Just a note to remind you that you'll miss it if it disappears and you outta grab it every week or so...
I mean I hate to doom and gloom, but when I think about something crummy happening... well it'd just be a big fat drag that's all.
Go to the FAQ and look for the question about 'can I download my journal'... it's all 'splained there.
p-freaking-s: try as I might I just cannot get my hat on this morning ... must be this BIG FUCKING head I have here! you guys turn me to mush.... thanks for all the nice stuff ... feel free to be all nasty today in an effort to ensure my feet get back on the earth... hehehe
Dream: I had this way weird dream. It was nothing fancy but - any ways - you know how I tend to type 'hehehe' or 'hahaha' or 'lolololo' or whatever... So I actually had a dream that I was being bombarded with emails criticizing the use of the multiple letters and strongly stated advice that I should just use a multiplication indicator like '3 x he' instead of 'hehehe' ... Now, I know this is too stupid for words, but, like always, I just wanted to share.


.. only have some bad shit to say so until I'm all nice and not-pissy bout it, I'm shutten down.

ps. Kym, you are awesome and totally deserve/need to get yourself a cheesy spandex super hero costume ... wearing it to work under your reg clothes is optional. Maybe Wonder Woman - *(my fav is "american maid" - from the show "the tic") but back to wonder woman...
hmmmmmmm you could tie me up with your golden lariate and make me tell the truth!! 3xha :)

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oh, and I almost forgot ...

bourbonstreet you have a beautiful voice

. You sang for me... I am soooo impressed! You just have to imagine the big ginormous smile that crept across my face and stayed there forEVER last night when I listened to that! mwah! that was so sweet. Thank you.

(geez, I gotta get a handle on how stay in an all pissy crummy mood... I was in one a minute ago, then started thinking, remembering things about my lj friends and ... zap. Now where'd that mood go... Just sec... "Hey, any body seen my pissy mood?" ... crap... maybe I'll just have to go find the source and see if it gets me bummed again (oops, there it is again... rats.)

say cheese

I shamelessly ripped this from someones journal this morning... its a link to a site that tells you what kind of cheese you are based on your name:

Say Cheese

Here's what it said about 'corto':

Your name is: corto
Your cheese rating is: Stilton
The King of cheeses. Stilton is a rich, tangy cheese with blue/grey marbled mould veins running throughout, and a dry, crusty, inedible rind. Daniel Defoe mentioned Stilton as "a town famous for its cheeses" in 1727. It is milder than is continental counterparts, Roquefort and Gorgonzola, and is famed as a dessert cheese, best served with Port.


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hey... Day 16 is all done and now its another Friday. Its funny but it gets easier then suddenly BANG! I just wanna race out and smoke like ten cigs at a time. ahhhh!
I just cannot find enough time to talk about what I want to talk about so I'm gonna halfta keep try'en. It's been a while since I put a decent story up here.
I had a shit day, oh - well a good day work wise... a huge project is wrapping up and I'm looken good on it so yea, but last night Z laid down some stuff 'bout me being on LJ too much... and believe me when I say, I am not on too much... maybe a lot, but I could be watched sports, I could be out with the boys, I could be working overtime (like I did for ever in a previous job) or I could be watching TV... I have zero regrets and just love it here... I'm getting a great deal of satisfaction out of my interactions here and the support I find on line...

Later LJ...

ps. a whole gang of my friends have had these grooven bitch slappen bad ass arguments (ok, I'm overstating it...) with their spouses in the last week... I just wanted to say I am happy to see so many little notes about how you've been mak'ing up and doing well. LJ land is such a great place to vent, to get it out and let feedback work for you. I glad you guys share and you all remain close to my heart and in my thoughts. (gush mush... don't I just make you sic with all this mush stuff... - tough... it makes me feel good.)