November 26th, 2000


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hey... long day. been an emotional roller coaster day. Did the parade and spent the rest of the day cleaning up and goof'en. made solid plans to go out to dinner - had my folks coming over th sit on the kiddies - and a blow out blew that plan.
that got better and we watched mission impossible 2 on the tube.

Cool movie. One key observation: "Green is good, red is bad" This must be an allegory for something... regardless, it sums up the movie. Very out there plot and the super babe picked to be the object of freak boy (tom) really looked like she could have pointed ears and that would seem natural on her. By the way, I'm calling him freak boy cause his hair was one long vidal sassoon advert during slow motion dives out of helicopters, gun fights, car chases, motorcycle chases, etc. Can you imagine: immediately following a take for a high test action seen the director (john woo) has to call out "Nope, we're gonna have to do that again, get more cars to blow up and cue up everybody to re-shoot... Toms hair is slightly out of line in the rushes for that last one..." (geez)
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um... this is a quick shot from last summer. Just wanted to remind myself of warmer weather and how dam cute those two little dudes are...
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Just found out that I'm not getting to sleep in tomorrow morning... so I'm definately off to bed!!! (about this I will be pissed off later... for now, I need to get to sleep.)

um, I put up an updated 'bio' ... thought I'd try a little info there for a while.

Nightty night.

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Me: Ok, so here's your top... can I help?
Ed: NO! I wanna do it... (grabs turtle neck)
Me: alright.. don't be so grabby and shhhhh mom's asleep.
Me: ok ok ok ok... just do it k?
Ed. (cannot figure the bottom of the shirt...)
Me: here, this is the ...
Me: okok... here, this is the bottom! see?
Ed: OK, now (yanks at shirt) I wanna do it!
Ed: (opens bottom of shirt... pulls it over head... it's now a turtle neck top on TOP of his head.... and he's trying to pull it down... squeeezzzzz)
Me: Ed, can I help ...
Ed: NO I can... waaaaaaa (frustrated)
Ed: (pulls off shirt... starts over)
Ed: (both arms are through the neck hold and the shirt body is over his head)
Ed: (the arms of the shirt hang unused at the side...) (crying now)
Me: (yank) Ok, lets start again...
Ed: I wanna do it!!!! snif snif
Ed: (starts over)
Me: ok, put your arms through first, then pull it down... that's right
Ed: (head stuck in shirt body, so he can 'see' out the neck hole, arms are through properly)
Me: ok pull down the back... (I just barely touch the material at the back to tug it down)
Ed: I WANNA DO IT!! (cry's out rather loudly) (arms flailing about like when you were little and did the 'headless' creature thing by pulling the neck of your shirt up to the top of your head and waved your arms around)
Me: ok, slowly... come on now Ed let me help.
Ed: NO!!! (and pulls the shirt off completely and starts over....)
*** FOLKS this goes on for 25 (thats twenty five!!!!) minutes ****
(25 minute later)
Ed: NO!!! I wanna do it... (sniff sniff)
Me: ok I'm going to help ya pull it down...
Ed: nononononono
Me: (pulls it down!)
Ed: bawling
Me: reaches for an already chewed piece of nicorette gum.
George: Hey, Ed come and see this! (from the kids play room)
Ed: (stops crying) Ok. (and runs out of room).

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ok, confession time: I admit it... up until the day Zebra set me straight, I was completely certain that the line was "they're a monosonic family". But, of course, the proper lyric is "they're a modern stone age family".

ps. thanks, lianna, for the tune!
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oh, I caught a few minutes of this show before I put the kiddlettes to bed tonight... it was on tvo (a public access station in ontario) called "Vicar of Dibley". It's a brit import show. It is a scream... check yer listings... ha!

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Ok, so if remembering a thread from an lj posting can make me laugh out loud in the shower the next day, it's worth a second look and a notation. Go here. I mean it's not outlandish but I was sitting at my desk killing myself laughing... Z kept looking over with big question marks in her eyes...

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Ok, WOW. I visit the profile pages of some friends that have major oodles of friends listed, and I've checked out some of the celebrity journal profiles (i.e punquin, ana)... ok, they got smart and paired down their friend list - the friends they see... ana has way over 200 people friending her list... if she friended all of them.... geez.

Ok, what's my point... I am in an ecstasy of updates. (I truly labored over that phrase). I have, like 38 friends and I AM NOT COMPLAINING... it's awesome. It's like drugs... I race to pound through the updates and absorb the information ... When I started hanging in lj land I never thought it would be like this... it really was an outlet of expression... I just posted a lot of crap never actually thinking people would read it... Ummm, this would be a good time for me to point out that, sure, I could just friend the world, but that is totally not the concept. I cherish the friends I have ... I have read your journals. I have blown some people away just cause their journal was not do'en it for me (if that sounds snobby... I guess 'tough' I mean, I do this to make me happy right?).

So, once again - a tired expression from me I'm sure - I telling you that you guys rawk and I love you all. LJ love is kinda special huh. I mean, if you saw someone hurting - from the expression on their face - while ride'en a bus or in a coffee shop would you go up to them and say "hey, what can I do... " Prol'y not. They'd - generally speaking - think you were a nut. Now, unfortunately (or fortunately - depending on your point of view) I am a nut. I talk well to total strangers and enjoy getting right inside their heads to the point where they're comfortable with me in their personal space.. but that's just me. But it's so easy to be empathetic (empathic?) here in lj land...

So: let me nail down the two central concepts.
1. I am in an ecstasy of updates.
2. I have grown emotionally since I started playing here.


(ramble ramble ramble)
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Ok, my turn.

1. Your Name: Andrew
2. Your Nickname: Corto
3. Your Birthday: February 18, 1962
4. Your Age Now: 38
5. Your Location: Kanata, Ontario (a place not ruled by Bush!)
6. School Grade: BA Poli Sci
7. Sex: woah... I wish... I mean I'm married with kids... someday we'll find a lock for the door...
8. Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (moon child - 4 hours away from picies)

1. Real Hair Color: Dark Brown (it was blonde for a year when I was 36 hahahaha)
2. Eye color: brown
3. Skin color: ghost boy
4. Height: 5'10"
5. Shoe size: 8
6. Do you care about the way you look?: sure...
7. Do you get tanned?: Nope
8. Do you have big ears?: No
9. Do you have contacts of glasses? nope.

Am I a....
1. Wuss: Only when I'm in the 'beg for sex' mode.
2. Class Clown: sometimes.
3. Goodie 2 Shoes: never
4. Daydreamer: oh yeah
5. Drunk: never
6. Freak: does this mean "do I smoke to get high?" yes (but not for 6 weeks!!)
7. Bastard: phuck yes... when it helps.
8. Angel: dam straight...

Have I ever...
1. Eaten an entire box of Turtles?: yes.
2. Gotten in a car accident?: 6.
3. Watched "Punky Brewster"?: what is this?
4. Hiked a mountain?: Yes
5. Death Valley on horseback?: I wish.
6. Stayed home on a Saturday night just because?:did I mention I have kids?.

this or that
1. Paper or Plastic: Plastic
2. Deaf or Blind: deaf
3.Truth or Dare: Truth
4. Night or Day: Night
5. Beavis or Butthead: either one is a good candidate for DEATH
6. Ocean or Pool: hard choice... Ocean.. I don't have to clean the ocean.
7. Cake or Pie: Cake
8. Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate
9. Cats or Dogs: Cats
10. Love or Lust: can't ya have both? (if I had to choose: Love)
11. Pancakes or French toast?: Pancakes
12. Bitter or Sweet: Sweet
13. Silver or Gold: Silver
14. Smoker or Nonsmoker: Nonsmoker FOR 11 DAYS
15. Diamonds or Pearls: Pearls
16. Hugs or Kisses: Kisses
17. Bacon Bits or Croutons: Croutons
18. Shaken or Stirred: lightly stirred
19. Taco or Burrito: burrito
20. Complex or Simple: ??
21. Armageddon or Independence Day: Independence Day
22. Batman or Superman?: Batman (at least he can have sex)
23. Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch: cool ranch
24. Sun or Moon: moon
25. X's or O's: X's
26. Ice crushed or cubed: cubed
27. Showers or Baths: Showers
28. Ketchup or Mustard: mustard on hot dogs

In the past week have I...?
1. Cried?: yup
2. Not known the answer at work but faked it?: yup
3. Cut your hair?: No but I need to this week
4. Worn a skirt?: Yea sure - NO, but I was thinking of wearing stockings and a garter for a turn on.
5. Worn a tie?: No
5b. Shredded a tie for the fun of it?: Yes
6. Been mean?: had to.
7. Been sarcastic?: Absolutely
8. Gone for a walk?: Yes
9. Gone out for dinner?: Yes
10. Met someone new?: Yes
11. Taken a test?: No
12. Talked to an ex: No
13. Missed an ex?: No
14. Hugged someone?: Yes
15. Kissed someone?: Yes
16. Danced with someone?: Yup!
17. Had a nightmare?: yes (it was great!!)
18. Fought with your parents?: Never

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This is something that I posted in a body-image thread on a friends page tonight. I wasn't gonna post it here, then I read something on the lovely ms.vang's page and thought... hmmm, it's in theme tonight for some reason, so...:

- If you could design the perfect body for yourself, then what?
- Would you not then develop other insecurities?
- Would your existing emotional issues simply vanish?
- Perhaps the design would have its own flaws not previously considered!
- Would the new you include a mental updating to ensure that you existing self-concept was also rewritten?
- After a new body and a new mind, who exactly would you be?
- I like you, I have a great deal of confidence that if I ever saw you I have a sharp intake of breath at the site of you and would find you beautiful - for you are already beautiful to me because I have been looking at your heart and your soul.

So many girls today are certain that a perfect superficial them would open a door to happiness, but I've yet to meet a true beauty that did not posses as many insecurities as the women I know that are less so.
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