November 12th, 2000


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wow... long freak'en day. Z and I served dinner to her entire extended family tonight to celebrate her dad and sisters birthdays... that's 17 guests for dinner (6 of em are kiddies 3 - 12). Z cleaned and I cooked in preparation. I served chicken satay (w/ homemade indo peanut sauce), basmati (sp?) rice, and these two vegetable things (caramelized onions, red & green pepper, snow peas and a wok) ... one was burn-yer-head spicy (I love hot pepper - jalapeno (sp?) style) the other less so. Big ass serving tray with a million kabobs ... and, of course, chicken nuggets for the less experimental youths... And (tipping hat to Z) I served all this in a dam fine clean house.
Still managed to snap a 'happy birthday' pic for my friend Kathleen with the boys. We had just turned our laneway into a giant birthday card for gramps and sis-in-law. All these outlines of the kids and me... looked a bit like a crime scene with body-outlines.
I am totally awestruck by DIDO... heard a sample somewhere (david kilborn show), went to cd-now and got the track list for the current cd, napster to grab 'em all, cDex to convert to wave files, and burner to, well, burn!, fan web sites for graphics and print up a cd jewel case and bingo, all that happy family gathering was set to dido - and a little meril bainbridge. Nice. (all this from total shirley manson, garbage head banger... )
ps. thanks lj for speed'en up... it has been soooo much better lately!!
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