November 6th, 2000


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I know, I'm always on about this but I FUCKING FREEZING. When is summer? I need some clients on the equator!

X-Files: I'm thinking that the big square faced 'sorta-like-arnold' guy, the alien that morphs into various faces, is currently masquerading as Fox. Did u (oops) you see the show? Did you miss it?

In a nut shell:
Do you remember the season closer last year... with fox and scully do'en the speedy jiggle when they stepped into the alien force field zone thingy? Was that not the neatest thing?
Scene One: Dream like scene w/ fetus-camera like view of someone just a floaten. Dream ending gross-out with fox having a big 'ol squid tentacle like tube yanked out of his mouth... Of course, it's Scully dreaming.
Scene Two: indescribably boring pan pan pan* slow-mo shot, but wait, another chance to show Scully's bra clasp - front no less - while she buttons her shirt. (How many times have they shown this scene?)
Scene Three: indescribably boring pan pan slow s l o w s l o w m o t i o n of scully walking. (wow)
Next: Scully all mad about something. (seems they're looking through Foxes office for clues to his disappearance - dam them!
Next: Scully shares the joy with the boss (Skinner). The two of 'em share their mutual joy with the bigger boss (Kirsch). The bigger boss tells 'em both to get stuffed and talk to the new guy.
Next: New guy? Robert Patrick (bad guy from Terminator 2) gets more Scully love in the form of a cup of water splashed in his face.
Next: more boring pan pan with a little dash of Rob Patrick (Agent Doggett) character development.
Next: Skinner meets w/ the three amigos (I love those guys - the three loons from the fringe)
Next: Scully stares into space then slaps her forehead, then her knees, then her thigh, and then, of course, her ass screaming (while pulling maddly at her hair) "BY GEORGE I'VE GOT IT" and from NOTHING concludes that the aliens are trying to get to the little funny kid (that had the brain wave wierds just-like-Fox) in the middle of the Arizona dessert.
Next: Cool Moment: Scully stares (again) but this time its at the mountains across the Arizona plain. We don't get to see anything... unless you go frame by frame by frame with a decent VCR to see that there is some screwing with the image going on to make heat ripples BEND over at the left side of your television screen. (cool)
Next: Everybody's zooming in on the little kid. New guy dog's it (doggett - dog's it! get it ... kill me now!) and ends up pointing a gun at faceless person that turns out to be Fox - although this is where my prediction that it's actually square faced dude impersonating Fox.
Next: there is no next! enter "to be continued" here.
* pan pan : long slow low angle camera pans....
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Ok, I need to kill a few minutes while i wait for something to finish in the lab (sounds ominous but it's basically a software install...) You know it's kinda cool how you can be in a crap mood but out of the blue someone sneaks up on you in LJ and asks to become your friend and WAMMO I'm squirming with happy feet. Thanks Laci Ann.

Wooo... I just block deleted an entire six lines of text from this post... ummm kinda changed my mind on something. Righteous indignation totally sucks.

If I could be in charge of giving out awards for stuff... I'd make up an award for most enjoyable Little LJ Picture Rotation and award the gold medal to lianna... you're a treat.
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