October 16th, 2000


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Good morn'en LJ... I'm all bundled up in a TIE (absolute yech!) and off to a client site... talk at you later ... I am feeling way to good for this to be fair... I'll see if I can tone it down (don't hold yer breath... )
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Ok, I'm back... cool project! We're doing proposals on how to monitor the 'GPS Correction System' for Canada. This is a network dedicated to fixing GPS location data to get 1 meter detail (that's a bit over a yard!).

As for the tie, lets start with the fashion moment:
Corto made the scene today somewhat out of step with his usual attire of JEB&OBG (Jewel Encrusted Boxers and other battle gear). We begin with nicely polished Rockports, and the goes-nice-with-dark-green grey fancy-ass socks. Moving right along we have the Sears Slacks (I can barely contain myself when I say the word 'slacks' out loud... it's just not a real word is it? ahhhh) in an understated hunter green / grey - no cuff. Of course the belt is by some french guy. On top we are pleased to see the white button up long sleeve number that has remained so well hidden in the closet that the shoulders required brushing... Pressed? Don't be silly... that's what they invented sweaters for! Tie? but of course.... a lovely black silk tie with Teddy Bears all over it. Now to hide the lack of Pressing Time we have a really phuking nice cashmere (sp?) dark grey v-neck with sleeves that appear to be of the proper length for an orangutan (fold, fold, fold...).

Man, do I ever need a cam on my office computer... that'd be cool to set up a "this is corto cam site" with an office cam and a home cam... I feel a little goofy say' en that, a big contradiction to my personal lack of vanity (or is it vain to say that?) but it'd be fun. Wurk Wurk (that's me deciding to work on that...)

speaking of wurque... somebody pays me so I gotta go make it worth their while...

C ya.

ps. How do we get new words in the 'emotions - current mood' list... I'm forever thinking of words that better describe my current state....
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