October 15th, 2000


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Ok so junior number 1 (george) will practically suck vegetables out of the ground. However, we have always had a rough go of getting actual protein down his throat. He's five (next week!!!) and is very active, bright eyes, sleeps great, hair is real healthy - nose is cold (lol just kidding) but he's small and achy and has a few issues on the behavior side of life as a kid. I'm prone to thinkin the behavior deal is nadda, just being five.

No, wait. This has got off topic. The boys and I get on famous and I've read 123 Magic, (but I oughtta read it again) and blah blah blah things are really great. But back to the topic... PROTEIN.

Cheese... NO.
Meat... No... except chicken nuggets (we have 18 wheeler truckloads delivered monthly lol)
Fish... Sure, if it looks like a chicken nugget.
Eggs... hahahaha! Ok, so I do regular pancakes, and can even get away with french toast every now and then.
Peanut Butter... sometimes.
Peanuts... sure, but,... it's a peanut.

I've tried (twice now) a breakfast milk shake with a bit of ice cream, milk, chocolate sauce, and a RAW egg. He drinks it.

Am I nuts? I ate a raw egg every other day from like 14 - 20, but that was almost 20 years ago! ...
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