September 22nd, 2000


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BB Update:
Ok, so I open the paper today and what do I read?
Big Brother - Italy - started 5 days ago. Four days into
the show, two HGs move the couch against the wall at an
angle to make a big V, position cushions, get a blanket …
and do the nasty!

Now for a moment with the Reigning Miss Washington 2000:

(3:42 bb time today) Jamie says she just cut herself with her own fingernail.

Ok, so this may be fairly unpopular but I am having trouble seeing how Josh manages to remain upright! You would think that the complete lack of anything remotely resembling a spine would make 'vertical' really quite difficult.

Mr. Invertebrate has asked the other Half Wits to make a deal to not actually ask Cassandra (the HG they selected FROM ALL THE REST to come back for a visit) anything about the way things are on the outside. He does not want to jeopardize the warm comphy-wumphy cozey-wozey family environment. What a total suck! You see, you see! This is what happens when you shave all your body hair on a regular basis! You become ghandi.

Antz. Food is a bit of a problem for the losers. All the cereal ('cept the raw oatmeal) was infested with ants today. There were ants all over the place… Lipgloss has to call Curtis over to deal with the two ants she has corralled on the table. I would have given anything to see him walk up to the table and apply nominal thumb pressure to squish those ants right there and then. He, of course, did not do that.

Clothesline: the 'clothesline jamie' deal was a joke, and she knew it and, in fact, is more proof that deep down he likes her … although he will vote to banish her. TV made that scene out to be a big bad hairy deal and it wasn't.

I'm tell'en ya, nothing short of chemically treating these people with crystal-meth in their sleep will get these people to conflict. It's the Cleaver family SOLID. Josh, of course is the beaver. Oh, yea. Does anybody 'member the howdy-dodi show? I don't actually remember it, but I've seen enough nostalgia 'bout it to be able to draw the puppet to mind. Does eddi not resemble a kind of twisted howdy-dodi?

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hey cool... I finally won an office pool! We host a couple of help desks here and we have a weekly 'draw' for closest guess re: the number of calls the Help Desk will get by noon on Friday! My coffee-cash is set for the next few weeks! (yea for me!)
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Ok I just know your sick of this by now.... but I have had a stellar week. LJ friends said nice things to me (which is a serious factor on the good life scale), work was AWESOME, big brother made me laugh till tears were flowing, my kids got healthy, my sis came home, my wife loves me still (significant, considering I can be such a dick head) and I won cold hard $$$ in an office pool.
Sucks to be me man!
I have about 40 pages of live feeds from BB to pour through on the hour long bus ride home - this will be fun, 'cept I'll fall asleep about 20 pages into it... and at some point I'm gonna do a little more BB Update'en.
c ya.