September 20th, 2000


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... another little BB Update!:
The poop magnet strikes again... We have all the HWs in the living room enjoying a little down time from their busy schedules. Elmer goes around behind the couch to look out the window and squish. Now he's got to clean his shoe, the carpet and a pillow.
While Elmer is outside washing his shoe, for the second time today the hose gets away from him and nails him. Earlier today, when he was watering the lawn, the hose leapt out of his hands and repositioned for a full-on soaker.
Clearly there a no horse shoes lodged anywhere on Elmer's body.

Here's a bit from the live-feed transcribers:
Tuesday, September 19, 2000 - 10:15 am
Josh, Eddie, and Curtis are on the patio discussing Josh's TV appearance the night before, and some new words they learned.
Ed: what was that "fear of women"?
Jo: "gynephobia"
Ed: gynephobia ... like gynecology. so i guess "gyno" means "woman".
Cu: yeah
Ed: so then how did "gynecology" come to mean "study of women's ..."
Cu: "... ology".

Did u luv the scene in the show tonight when Elmer was putting his tatoos' together. Everyone looks at the heart on his bicep with the word? Letters? AM above it. "What's it say?" asks all. "Ma" says Elmer. "You did that in the mirror huh?"

The manipulation on all sides is really kinda funny.
(ps. It's 11:53 est right now, and I'm watch'en the boiz pump iron and Lipgloss is sitting at the edge of the pool talking to herself rocking back and forth hugging her knees. She looks like an extra from "One flew over the chicken coop".)

Ok back to manipulation. I love it when we see BB call a HW into the Redrum for no other reason than to ensure that said person does not interrupt a convo that BB is loving for the footage... or perhaps just as this person is hurrying to do something, BB stops them to change batteries - hence the only reason there is to piss 'em off...
They (BB) do this to Elmer a lot!
Then there's the HWs. They constantly laugh about the people that communicate with them in the Redrum, tell 'em to go to bed! Or wake them up, etc. They have names for the voices like: Mrs. S., or The Terminator, The Whisperer, Lovely (the list goes on) They all laughed at one voice so much and he never came back!

When they were rehearsing Josh's Weather Report, the news anchor (Pamela) said to Lipgloss that she (lipgloss) "had better not stay out there or she will be a storyline." So for the rest of the night we are listening to Lipgloss say "What do u think Pamela meant by the 'storyline' comment?" Curtis (again) nails it when he comments that it is funny that "Jamie not wanting things to be a storyline has become a storyline."

C ya.

(oh yea, Elmer is a Platinum Blond now.)
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Saw this as graffiti on a huge concrete wall ideally situated to be front and center to thousands of Fed employees on a daily basis:

"Your aesthetic is your only tender!"

... it boggles the mind.


(sorry the pun in the subject applies to a CANADIAN web site... -> heavily promoted around these parts... heck, we got a sign on every igloo)

It is truly unbelievable to me that I actually found yet ANOTHER POCKET on the groovy cargo pants I got a month ago. 'Member ... swish swish? Last week I noticed (discovered) the pocket on the back of the thigh... I should have seen that one, I'm just a doof. But now I find this really cool pocket - double lined, as in 'sturdy', with a zipper! accessable from the inside of the pants only? I'm thinking it's, like, someplace to put folded moola to keep it from ... who? pickpockets? Ha! a pickpocket would take one look at me and see a whole days work on those pants.

I just phreak'en love those pants. (swish swish...) my boss calls 'em my 'snowpants' (swish swish).

Note: I'm expecting to find a pocket in the lining of the cuffs or something ...
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