September 16th, 2000


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ok, everybody just quietly mumble 'red hot sweaty monkey sex' under their breath. say it again. good. now doesn't that feel better?
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Holy big Brother Update Batman!

Days! have gone by and practically nothing has happened on this show! Ok a few things have happened...
Cas is gone, leaving Lipgloss alone among motley crew of wolf-wannabes: Elmer (mental condition in serious question by all involved),
Mr. Lucky (who is as of now renamed Mr invisible - talk about laying low - holy crap!),
HAL (I'm drawing on 2001 here to represent the counselors superior analytical skills),
Ed - the guy who prol'y invented fully half of all swear words on earth.

I remember a moment in the first couple of shows when Lipgloss pulled away from (who?) I think it was BlackManWithACause (or an axe to grind) or maybe Eddi when she was getting a massage... she pulled away 'cause she was worried how it would "look" for her to "let a strange man touch her that way". Now she is seriously concerned about how it will look in general ... I mean she's living with four men (She's never even had a room mate before).

Ok, enuf about her... except to say that the TV tried very hard to hide what a total and complete spaz she is when it came to juggling. Watching that was truly comical - arms going every which way and jerky body movements... sorta like the way that tone deaf kid looked at the dance in high school... you know the one.

Elmer has been pulled into the Redrum twice to meet the good doctor and for sure HAL (and maybe Mr. Invisible) were called in to talk to the doc about Elmer. Subscribing to anything Darwin ever said is so in jeopardy just knowing that people like Elmer exist. "it the opinion of this committee that Mr. Fudd is precariously close to either a complete shutdown or, at the least, adult-man-tears. He needs to go home and fall under the car of the Sith Lordette.

There are those that still feel Elmer is hiding a superior intellect and only crafting the total-nimrod to remain 'cute'. He never did deny pointing to the masks as a signal to the exalted Sith. In fact, after the banner flew, he says something about people thinking he "points to the masks at night." Much discussion has gone on online about his addition of the word 'night' to the situation... that being when he acts all cagey, etc. I just think he's a loon.

Now, tomorrow is a nom night... FryTV as the HWs call it. Here's my pics:

Jamie votes for Curtis and Eddi (she will do this!)
Eddi will vote for the Loon and Curtis (although he may go with his heart and vote for Lipgloss... but my bet's on Curtis)
Curtis will vote for George and Jamie
George will vote for Josh and Curtis - 'cause that Curtis double dipped his chip...
Josh will vote Curtis and Jamie (... maybe George instead of Jamie)

That's Jamie (2) Eddi (1) Curtis (4) George (2) Josh (1)
Jamie, Curtis, George.

If I go with the "maybe"s Jamie (3) Curtis (3) and George (3)

c ya.
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haha... sorry to be such an obsessive nut but..
A quick BB note:

A new Banner Flew by a moment ago that read:


(these guys are full of good material for diss'en sessions today... but that'll have to wait.)