September 15th, 2000


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I am soooo beat... really quite amazingly tired... I could have gone to bed at 9:00 and passed out so bad! but no, what do I do? I don't know either, but it takes till 1:00 in the morning...
work tomorrow... I gotta sleep.
Sleep well .

(ps. I always make sure the night clerk says 'good night' when I call for a wake up call while on a bus. trip... just could not enjoy going to sleep without hearing 'goodnight'.)

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wow! Had a great lunch today... (I will now destroy the Chinese lingo) at a place called the Yangshi(sp?) right across from the Mekong (sp?) beside the Shanghai (I know I got that one!). Needless to say, it was in the 'traditional' Chinese food zone... which is actually "little Vietnam" around here... awesome food ... I'm still flaming from the hot and sour soup. Best part of lunch was the company. Totally cool guy from work (Rob*), the 12 weeks first-time-pregnant wife of another co-worker (Linda, and her hubby was not there to protect her from tonnes of been-there-done-that dialog) and Ritu... Ritu is this wonderful Indian girl (a 'process analysis genius') that left Kuwait (sp?) 8 years ago (when she was 16). Most of lunch was me drilling her on everything she could spill about life as a 16 year old girl in Kuwait (god! I just know I'm spelling that wrong - The land of the Gulf War) -- super super super interesting.

*Rob is awesome. If I were attracted to men I would be attracted to this guy. The first thing that zoned me in on what an interesting person he is was this... He know I was into reading Journals - I read ana's, stephs, and jennifers! (if you know who they are, that made sense, and if not, well I just can't explain it all here... now.) So Rob goes to Ireland on vacation and keeps this fantastic journal - replete with little pencil drawings of all the neatest stuff - and brings it to immediately upon his return. I laughed out loud many times reading this little novel-ette of a journal. I'm working on convincing him to let me worry out a way to publish it. Much beer, more culture and loads of 'who'd of guessed there was one of those in Ireland' bits...

I'm phuking exploding with stories that need telling and BB is making me crazy. I have got to vent this stuff... first work, then vents.

C ya.
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