September 13th, 2000


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BB Update:
Well something is happening in the house of such little wit. The teletubbie costumes are slipping a little and, look, it's a person inside!!! In some cases it's a little more human than others!! In one case it's a middle aged male of the species, with green hair, referring to himself as a farm animal, constantly talking in the third person, and when he's not executing puerile - seriously goofy - plots, he's digging up the entire garden in a unfounded, clearly misguided effort to locate mysterious riches. Fortunately, he has as yet not ventured into the cactus garden in his search.

Needless to say, the BB retainer head shrinker, Dr. Del Rio (hitherto referred to as Dr. Should-have-his-license-revoked!) has asked each of the hgs to visit the RR - just for a little psych file update. Here's a salient quote from the clan of the live-feed transcribers:

George - "They were curious about my digging in the garden." (short pause) "Maybe there is more to that."

Curtis was standing beside Elmer for that one and is on record of issuing a somewhat restrained chuckle. One can only imagine the sensation Curtis experienced when he had to redirect the massive explosion of air that was rocketing from the depths of his being towards his mouth. His capacity for restraint is admirable… Further demo'd in another reality check (read: teletubbie costume's hitt'en the floor) by way of Jamie and poop.

The boys are doing boy stuff - laughing about hiding inappropriate, untimely "woodyness". Jamie walks in to much laughter, exits. Then Curtis is the line up of one waiting for Lipgloss to finish a self-confessed poop. He tires of his wait and returns to the pool where he explains himself to Mr. Lucky and the-guy-with-the-nice-leg, poop and all. Well! Lipgloss was dry of tongue during the 30 minute lashing she tried to give Curtis over this. The idea that she could be alone with these dudes is finally creeping into tubbie land. (dumdedum… Lipgloss voted for Cass!) Curtis was rather unfazed and reminded me of the time Karen was ragging on him BIG time re: his voting for her (oops, it was Lipgloss)

Note: as I type I have the live-feed playing…

11:45 EST 09-12-2k
George - "I'm cutten down cactus tomorrow…" (OMG)

Back to Lipgloss. She wanted to talk to her mommy so she faces a mirror where she's think'en a camera lurks and begins: "Hi mom…" blah blah blah blah blah… The point is the live-feed cameras include something called a quad cam that gives a four way split screen with all the active cams online. BB focuses the whole deal on her - all four views - none of which is a front view!!! And the cams linger… even though we know what she's doing is decent, it just cannot help look'en highly straight jacket.

I gotta say, she is exhibiting just as many solid symptoms of deep psychological disorder as Elmer. The difference is that Lipgloss's problems are tagged by the public as extreme vanity, self centeredness, self absorbed, etc., while Elmer's problems are just called 'phuking nuts'.

Anyways, more will certainly come, but not now.
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Up and down... emotionally, down maintains and inverse relationship with up. The higher the up, the lower the down. When it's the generic 'glums' it's a drag but u gotta admit that everyone goes there and we learn to suck it up or you prol'y wont be able to hack the long haul. When it's your heart... that's the worst. Up feels so dam good ... and down is just not so doable, not like the 'glums'.

I love my friends so much - at least it feels that way! - and wish them such good vibes... (yes I am actually the doctor guy on 'power puff girls' and can dispatch the forces of good where ever they are needed - insert ppg theme music here...)

The question is... would you trade the ups away to avoid the deep downs?
I know I wouldn't and I've had my share of way-deep-downs.
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Morning LJ.
Today will clearly be a stellar day. I'm gonna buy two (one for me and one for Z) of these chocolate deals called "Silks" (think mostly cooked brownies all gooy with a layer of dark chocolate on top and threads of white chocolate running throughout the whole thing). They will be on hand for total consumption as we watch FryTV tonight (banishment night on the House Of Little Wit).
I get to wow my boss a bit re: an fantastic client meeting yesterday ($$$ new contracts... yea!!!!!!!) and I get to be 'large' about the visit to the super-cool hosting facility... that trip began with the 'retinal scan' system that unlocked the triple re-enforced impenetrable door... the it got really cool.
Anyways, it's time for tunes and massive typing...

ps. I just wanted to see what the little 'horny' guy looked like...well ... ok so I'm a bit randy... shhhhhhh!
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