September 10th, 2000


(no subject)

Hey... just in case u'r checking here for an update on the 'morons from plan 9'... John (Endomol?) the producer of BB, met with Jamie in the Redrum and discussed with her (for her to bring back to the other HGs) the idea that (a) to the many fans of the tv show, you will appear as a bunch of quitters (bit of a paraphrase) - small subset will watch / read internet and see the larger story and (b) you all need to look carefully at how you arrived at this point (big paraphrase).

They're looking like they will agree to force full tie votes and let banishment be a function of the telephones only. (lucky George.)

Only humerous - telling - moment, occured when, as they discussed the forthcomming banishments vis a vie a phone vote only system, Jamie says "and after, George can pay for all of us at Vegas" (I take to mean "and after, when George wins 'cause his wife has the armys of the sith lords at her beck and free-call").

Anyways, thats a wrap for tonight...

Imagine, all this bb crap, me so totally into it... and the channel I usually tape ("New R/O in Ottawa") blows their feed to CBS and I miss tonights show... phuk.