September 8th, 2000


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BB Update:
Early on, I recall ranting (here I think) about the fact that CBS continues to use the clause "No Outside Contact" in groovy 3d animated letters during the opening credits.
Lets review:

Tennis ball stuffed with fake news stories over the wall.
Letters from home for Karen.
Phone call for George.
*an interview* for Jamie

... then it starts to get a little freaky ...

Karen gets to talk to the HGs from the studio (reveals voting secret to HGs!!)
Jelly bean buck shot - with no informational value, 'cept hilighting how dumb Elmer can be.
Small Aircraft tow Banners!
- Georges Hometown votes out brittany
- George Backstabbing you in RR
Crazy Megaphone Lady (CML)
- blows BB plans by revieling the money give away plot (apparently screaming into a megaphone from a public sidewalk.
- blows BB amended plans re: cash grab!
BB lets Brittany say hi to HGs then TALK privately with Josh.

Now it's no holds barred, bannana-republic-white-sale, completely and utterly out there....
Banners banners banners
- Josh knows why we're flying banners! (re: the info Brat gave him.)
This time she goes to town (megaphone lady). CML made two major attempts to communicate with the HG - the HGs were sequestered during one event.

She actually yells:

"We are so proud of you for not selling out.
Brit told Josh who to trust, make him tell you.
The ratings suck, I'm sorry to tell you, the ratings suck, I'm sorry.
Letterman hates the show.
Bush/Cheney - Gore/Lieberman "

The idiots hear:

Something about president Lieberman?
The Government hates the show.
Jamie jamie jamie (or did only she hear this)
They are sooo confused...

So much for no outside contact!!

Anyways, the gang of 6 is in a variety of diminished mental capacities. Jamie is... well Jamie is just phukt... sorry but she is. She has - I think - worked out a little of what Josh is not saying and thats freaking her out, and she is going to squeeze josh for the info to the point of 'in house arguments' Cas is laying low (such a total surprise....) Josh is talking to everyone, being a little testy and clearly ready to self destruct. Curtis: analytical as ever... Eddi is sleeping all the time and George is showing signs of fatigue -big time. He regrets not taking the money.
good night lj... sleep well

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Good morning LJ... it's a day off work for me... yeah.
Off to meet the little guys new 'senior kindergarten' teacher...
See ya.

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BB Update:
anybody remember that 'peanuts' situation where Linus looses his 'blankie'? He digs up the entire environment looking for it?
Ok the banners, megaphone lady, the Brit talk, Josh's secret... its all driven them (the HGs) completely nuts. The best (worst) part is that they just did not hear what the megaphone lady said... So anyways, a banner flew over (for no reason that I can fathom) telling the HGs that 'the pool is a jet powered... find the controls'. Now, they (actually whenever I say 'they are getting it' I usually mean Curtis has worked something out and has told the others... he being the only one with any analytical capacity)... where was I? Oh yea... Now they have worked out that the megaphone lady was telling them the political candidates names to earn their trust... so maybe the jet pool deal is the same... so they look and look and look for 'pool controls' ... then they realize that they don't know what they're looking for.
Except these Wily-Cayote Super Genius dudes somehow concluded that the pool jet banner was some sort of a clue from an insider (CBS?) about a treasure? more money, or whatever... Ok, so do you remember when the HGs had the mud-related challenge and ruined the lawn - So BB resodded the whole back yard over night... bottom line: in a fit of unnatural thinking they conclude that there is treasure buried in the back yard and they're off ... ACTUALLY DIGGING UP THE BACK YARD!!!!!!! LOLOLO I practically wet my pants...
BB comes on the loud speaker and gets the word "HouseGuests..." before the BB overlord had to cut his own mic 'cause he was - along with the entire control room - laughing hystarically.
BB eventually gets it together enuf to ask the HGs into the house and announces that someone will "have the opportunity of a lifetime this weekend... be dressed to the nines and whisked away to go to the 2000 Emmy's ... walk down the red carpet, interviewed by ET " and then concludes with "details to follow.
Welll the details that follow are that BB has hidden a 'gold' ticket somewhere in the house ... announces this and sends 'em out to trash ... oops I mean find the ticket in the house. We'll see...

Ps. jamie is using all available cycles ... thinking about her career again.