September 5th, 2000


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Good morning LJ.
I am freezing... ahhhhh choo.
It's been like late October (fall) around here all weekend and now I'm back at work and shivvvvvering. I'm off to go get steammy coffee and warm buns. (I could not resist the last bit there).
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(whine, wine, wyne) "I have a pain in all the diodes on my left side" ( a quote from Marvin the Paranoid Android) ... although in reality, I have strange and painful pain on the right side of the back of my head. ow... ouch, hey... $%# ow. (bet yer glad I included the riveting detail regarding the location of that particular pain in the neck).

I'm still cold, but I cut up one of those poster-like month-at-a-glance white boards (vendor promotional material - got millions) to make a 'flap' for the ceiling air-conditioner vent above my desk to blow the ARCTIC air at somebody else for a while. Burrrrrrr
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swish swish swish... life in snowmobile pants. Ok so it's not a snowsuit. Sounds like one tho. The pocket liner is like the smoothest softest silki-est stuff in the universe. yum.

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There is something clearly wrong with software today when I can see people sitting at their desks, in front of a $5000 computer looking back and forth between their screen and a $20 calculator.


BB Update
Geez I laughed so hard when the TV show included a segment on Elmer Fudd stepping in a pugita pie... And just a note on CBS editing: The "George: Master Speller" segment with the cut-out tin cans spelling Happy Anniversary (or should I say "Anniverrasy") included much laughing and joking from the other HGs, even though it appeared that only Curtis was out there.

Oh, yea, and on Monday morning when Elmer's doing his morning thing he complains "Awe... I cut off half my eyebrow"?????????? What the hell were you doing? Shaving your forehead?

In light of the virtual death of spirit that accompanied the exodus of TMD, the Brat, CBS has played the money card on the team. It starts with a little tid-bit for the viewing audience last week... "Which HG will take BB up on an offer of $10K to walk." And no doubt there will be one of those "you have 30 seconds to decide..." deals. Then BB gives 'em an evening discussion topic of "if you could split the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes between the six of you, would you go for it." So they talk, and talk and talk. Do any of them think we do not immediately see thu any chatter like "I'm just here for the experience..." ?

Then, magically, the offer is upped to $20K on last nights show.

Now things get really funny. Someone is pushing BB buttons from the real world. The HGs hear someone over a megaphone yelling "BB will offer you money to leave. Don't take it. We love you." Now, I'm having trouble remembering when, but someone (same person?) also yelled out that the ratings sucked. So, BB's big surprise is out (about the money) and their (bb) careful planning is down this shitter. They had 'em all psych'ed up with talk about how much it would take to make 'em walk.

Then another megaphone goes off yesterday afternoon - "its $10k, and there's talk of an alternate". Now only Curtis heard this but all were told by BB to get in the bedroom for a while. (note: it is not $10K right - we'll see if it goes up again) The feeds have been cutting out or loosing sound... possible BB live-editing of the BB-Live-All-The-Time environment (ha!). Then, when all the cams are dead, only the Control Room cam is live, and we see BB controllers talking about someone on a sidewalk screaming into a megaphone and whether or not they (BB) can do anything about that (possible 'noise ordinance'). Man they must be pissed.

So now they're all talk'en 'bout how much it would take to get them to walk.

Ok, I'll cut this back to a quick review:
Curtis is playing games on the other HGs (internal HF time is just around the corner). He tells the gang that BB offered him 100K to walk right now. Then he tells Mr. Kicking-himself-for-not-kissing-TMD that they (BB) really only wanted to switch out him microphone.
Josh is lying low - being an extremely boring person.
Cas made a mental leap and posited: "Maybe we're just a blip on the screen" in reference to BB not being much of a smash hit.
Queen Mary-K is continuing to convince me that she would bark-like-a-dog... a-big-dog, for the chance to be on Letterman. To her credit, she's being a good sport about stuff... although she continues to have this weird "I'm not actually listening to anything you say" aura about her in all conversations.
George continues to step in dog shit at every opportunity.
Eddi, while poorly depicted on the TV show of late, is clearly a breath of sanity within the house - even if he's a bit rough around the edges.

See ya later and even if nobody gives a rats sphincter about it, I will update again before tonight's show if it'll clear up the 'we-wish-we-could-script-this' editing of CBS.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry, but I just read this... it's great:

On Monday, at 4:30 pm the HG's catch ANOTHER PLANE BANNER (BB is going to install a SAM* site for sure) "GEORGE'S TOWN VOTED BRIT OUT - BANISHGEORGE.COM"

I'll follow that story for a bit... WOW! Hahahahaha LOLOLO.. ow gawd, I guess I'm just luv'en how this shite is turning out... the question is, did CBS arrange all this or are they just sooo stupid as to let it all happen. (note: the control room quotes make me thing CBS may indeed just be dumb as posts.)


* SAM - for those of you that don't play computer games or were not in the military... Surface to Air Missiles.
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Getting warmer... finally.

c ya later LJ. I've had a really busy day today - I hope it stays that way all week... time just flys!!
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