Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

dum di dum...


So :: bounce ::

Thanks to what I am chalking up to the unfortunate impact of hard-ass-profit-oriented dentistry ... and the fact that I have total coverage...
I am about to hop in the car ... go to the dentist ... and he is going to give me several of those nasty little needles in my gums... (easily the WORST part)

Then he's going to electrify, dig out, scrape out and otherwise remove three silver (they're not silver... they just look that way) fillings.
When that's done... and my fingers are well and truly imbedded in the arms of the fetish chair...
He'll fill 'em back up with white filling.
me = praying the teeth don't fall apart while he's doing this... can you imagin how much that would hurt... fuck, I hate dentistry.

He said they needed to be replaced... I doubt it... but whatever. I got a second opinion that said... "sure... but it's not a rush thing... "
So I'm all about "why put it off...".

So limp face, drool boy will be back in a couple of hours...
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