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ok... a last word for the day before I head home...
(and, btw, whenever I type one of these "just before I leave work" posts... I morbidly imagine my own firey death on the highway and figure... "soooo... this will be the last post in my journal..." hahaha... what a git... )


with that in mind;

Dear MEN:
There is not one single redeeming quality behind the
concept of great glorious long nose hairs.
Not only is it remarkably sickening to imagine
your lover peering up at your face while resting
her face on your manly chest,
and seeing a tropical fucking rain forest hanging
out of your nose
but it is also outstandingly gross
to have to see your little multi coloured booger vines
hanging out of your nose across a board table.
Either pluck those bad boys out or make the big
investment and buy a nose hair trimmer...

And don't get me started on the ear hair thing...
Ok... enough.

See ya.
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