Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

ah yes... mothers day... may 9, a sunday. :D

Happy Mothers Day
(those are the roses I'm taking to my mommy... :D)

This picture :::::::::::::::[ right here ]:::::::::::::::: is the image that I put in a nice wee frame (a significantly larger version of the picture, btw) for the boys to include with their gifts to Z this morning... Getting them to sit on the sofa and convincing Edward to not pull a face... was a labour of love... Man that boy hates having his picture taken... :D

Now... let me wax poetically for a just a moment...

You are the foundations of love and strength in a family
The hero in the shining little eyes that regard you
There will never be enough words to express the thanks
Or ways to say that I love you.

There are so many moms on my friends pages... in fact, hooking up with moms and sharing the experiences they have with their children is pretty much the most "central theme" to my entire journal experience... Sure, there's loads of other things... wonderful friends, outstanding laughter and insightful sharing of thought... but the extension of my world to the world of your families has been a joy like none other in my life.
So, when I say Happy Mothers Day, and when I say Thank You For Sharing... please know in your heart that the words come from the deepest part of mine and my wishes are as sincere as wishes can get.  May good health and great happiness find a way to wrap around your world.

~ hmmm... pj pants...
~ a t and an old p-z sweater...
~ you know... stuff I dragged on when I fell out of bed...
~ shower and shave...
~ actual clothes...
~ Suz and Geo have their last TKD class before belt-testing...
~ outside? it's a nice day and there's more ... always more... yard work to be done.
~ we're begging off all the Mothers Day family thing (a dinner tonight) because of the "fifths" thing... but I'll visit my mom this afternoon. :D
~ Survivor Season Finale is tonight... a painful three freaking hours to find the final survivor...
~ to shout a little "congrats" out to aristophren on the jury score...
~ for some tooth ouch relief to captain-k... er... circlek...
~ and (big surprise) that I had time to cruise through yesterdays friends list...
~ if something wonderful happened... would you tell me? come on... :D

Hey... A little something escaped my comment last week... and now it's time to make a huge shout out to a wonderful couple on my friends list...
Congratulations out to bosox and his lovely wife kea on the birth of Evan (who's middle name is Andrew... :D :D) on May 1st. May this truly be a mothers day of great joy for you Katie... and I sincerely hope all remains well your littlest addition and that you feel wonderful. 
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