Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

It's all thursday man, all day long... May 6.

edit: haha... I wrote this at 9:00... and um... forgot to click POST... goof. :D

Today is officially all about being happy... enjoying the skin I've got... and smiling at the world around me...
Sounds dorky as hell but I'm in a good mood so it's a big hearty tough on the dorky thing. :D

The paper says rain... but the sky says sunny and wonderful... yeah, that could change... Mother Nature, the scandelous crack ho from the hood is prone to much madness lately... but I'll enjoy what I've got right now... mmmk?

~ um? commando
~ white t shirt
~ house coat
~ warm sox...
~ I'm going to have  a shower, and shave and all that...
~ then I'm going to go back to bed for a half hour. :D (does a little dance)
~ up in a bit to get Z and Ed up and around...
~ off to the kids school for a recital...
~ lunch and off to work...
~ bid section due today before end of day...
~ FRIENDS Finale tonight...
~ Survivor Tonight...  :D
~ for some good news to find my friend bair... I hope your FIL is ok and that you get some rest sugar...
~ FOR REST indeed, to find amyaustin. Today can only get better sugar... I'm sorry about that ticket... (batty eyelashes didn't do it huh... the guys a freak of nature!).  Now what to do about sleep!??? I hope it finds you sugar.
~ some good luck type wishes for my very distant friend kissekat on her move... I remember loving the moving process when I was a wee one... I hope L enjoys the move. :D
~ to just say that it's a treat to have new bondas pictures... :D :D
~ ... well, that you would go look at the linked pictures in anney's journal... she lives in Hawaii... and the pictures are ... very *sigh* worthy.
~ and a wee happy birthday... birthday number one... to little Mary... cramped's daughter...

Hey... dig this... some of you may remember the ballad of the backyard fence... and the war zone that resulted;
The readers digest version of that is this;
Back yard neighbour puts up big ugly row of ceder hedges across his back yard cutting off our view, adding plenty of mosquitoes to the zone and generally speaking... they're ugly.  There was some big hairy ugly moments with neighbour about the hedge... but the shit hit the fan with great nasty when he went on to put up a but-fucking-ugly chain link fence too... on our side of the ceders!!!!
During one of our face offs over the fence, he was acting all menacing like and I said to him with my best calm passive / aggressive thing going on;
"Look... this is a starter house... you're young... you're going to have a kid... then you're going to move... and I'm going to be stuck with this fucking fence."
The argument was that I would have shared the cost of a nice cast iron fence if he had bothered to ask...
Anyhooooo... His little columbian wifey has recently had a baby... their first... and lo and behold ... their house is on the market and their looking for a September closing. 
On the one hand... I'm dancing happy he's going... and I hope he's feeling the burn over this fence, have kid, and move thing... (he wont... he's a dick) and now it's all about how to play the summer.  I'm thinking an air horn in the back yard after their baby falls asleep might be too much...
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