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Whoohoo... corto is having another yummy day... why am I so lucky? I mean I know I paid a lifetime of "life sucks" dues when I was younger and maybe this is payback... but whatever... I am loving the way things are going down. Had a "confidential" letter on my desk when I got back from a client site today.. Feb 7 was my one-year anniversary with this company and the letter informed me that my vacation allocation has been increased by 50% ... yehaaaa! and somehow I'm gonna squeeze my boss to take the time to give me my formal review (hi junebugg - I know how you felt doll*) - because, of course, there's gonna be a pay raise in there somewhere...

It's valentines day... I hope my friends managed to see my rose - valentine - card... I noticed that some of my friends have only 15 messages on their friends page and will have to click "previous" like 6 times to get back to where I posted my valentines love letter to you guys last night... or you click here! to just jump there!!!

Oh, and note: Ed is feeling much better today, but yesterday and last night was really super tough... fever, runny (BUCKETS) nose, and every time he tried to swallow... big cry of "ouiiiii mommy.... it hurts... " My heart was in pieces... But he is much better today. What a difference a day makes... 24 little hours... (isn't that a song?) :D

* Doll : anybody with a problem that I refer to a mature, professional, self-sufficient woman as "doll" can rush out and buy a bag of flour and mix with water... in the proper proportion to form a thick paste then completely immerse their heads in said paste and let it harden. Ok?

Later heros... (you are all heros to me!!!)

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