Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 3.

Man... that pic makes my nose look like a freaking bill... as in a pelican bill...

a : a person easily cheated or deceived b : a person irresistibly attracted by something specified (a sucker for ghost stories) c -- used as generalized term of reference (see if you can get that sucker working again).

Yes indeed... well, that may be... but I'm happy... so whatever.

Man... did I ever get my fill last night... er... ok, maybe not (get yer head out of the gutter)
We played at again... and I spent a couple of hours blasting away with the paint gun, flying around with the paint gun with a hover pack and playing "people bowling" with a dune buggy... sadly, this is remarkably fun. :D

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ black and red p-z shirt... (Icon shirt... meaning... look at the icon... lol)
~ big comfy warm cream coloured sweater... -5 last night... brr... freak weather
~ to go to a morning killing meeting in 10 minutes ... !! grrrr
~ do whatever they tell me at the meeting for the rest of the day... bid stuff
~ tonight? um...
~ a sweet girl in Toronto... that does her trading time for money thing by helping at an institution that supports our senior community... knows how wonderful she is...
~ that my friends sharing in the bbbbbrrrrr cold zone ... find some warmth... :D
~ for the turning of fortunes cards to put a face card in the path of nbbmom... um... you know... for fun and excitement.
~ to send some good good vibes to my friend jennfromtx and her little fifi... :D
~ and that I had more time checking friends pages this morning... but alas... earwax...

Smile so much it hurts... I mean, can you think anything besides fetish oriented sex that is a better excuse for pain?

me = big rush... gotta fly.
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