Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

:) Sunday, May 2.

It's a bit gray, cold and rainy today... but yesterday... despite serious wind... was an off and on sunny beautiful day. :D

Well friday night started out with my ISP being down... then up... so, after kids a'bed and all that... we sat down to play some and boom... ISP down again.  We bailed and played a game of careers instead. :D

Saturday was all about being a slave... yard work, house work, kids swimming lessons, big beautiful meal at our new dining room furniture with my MIL and ... we watched Love Actually last night. :D  It was as cute as I was hoping it would be... Emma Thompson was quite the tragic character... and dude going to portugal... oh that was wonderful. :) :D :D :D

~ blue ftls,
~ blue jeans
~ and a dark blue shirt...
~ it's blue day!
~ continue rebuilding the kids computer...
~ some serious cleaning in the kitchen...
~ folding laundry
~ not going to TKD... it's pretest day and I'm not testing this round... so what's the point?
~ and not going to see the governor general... long story.
~ ALIAS... but it's on later than usual tonight.
~ that I get a chance to do a little friends page reading today...
~ and other than that... I'm keeping it simple today! ... two wishes for some wonderful people...
The last few days have been busy in the world of love...

Congratulations to hotblue on her marriage... although I'm guessing she's out there on a honeymoon about now.

and a very special congratulations to no1topaz... she got engaged yesterday... (corrected username!) Mr. dcl... a man Michelle met in Lj ... proposed to her and she said yes!!  I met Michelle forever ago... and I know she's been through a remarkable couple of years... but if that's what it took to get to this point then there is no doubt that it will go down as "worth it".  I am absolutely thrilled to bursting about this... :D
Congrats again Michelle... may you have every happiness before you and ... and a digital camera for that wedding!

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