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Wednesday? ok ok ... April 28... it's April right?

Holy Thumb Head...
No I mean, really... it's like I have this huge body and tiny little head ... hahahaa...

... and because some of ya really make me smile in the morning...
[ :: a morning smile to go along with thumb head guy :: ]

So I have put a normal looking moen faucet in my kitchen... no more "extendo shower sprayer thing"... no more uber geeky german engineering "umlaut enabled" faucet... just a good, normal, faucet... and, against all sensible rules, I did tackle a plumbing job when the sun was down. I went to battle with the pipes ... and I prevailed. yeah...

Oh look... the moon... it's working it's magic... for some, that means duck and cover... and don't doubt me on this... her power and influence is evident everywhere. I can see the tension, lying in the dark like a shining blade caressed by an angry little thumb.

~ red stripee ftls
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray t
~ navy shirt... that "mini courderoy" thing...
~ ok... so it's actually wednesday right?
~ So West Wing is on tonight... yeah, I know... I was a little messed up yesterday. :D
~ bid meeting at 11:00 ...
~ and ... and so much freaking paper work to fill out today for bids, contract opportunities, evaluations, etc etc etc...gah! shoot me now.
~ although, I should be thankful my job doesn't require me to wear gloves and carry a shovel... so ok, back to happy...
~ for a wee vote of confidence to find it's way into the world of my friend midnighthour. I hope that the search grows an apple.
~ that nights of uninterrupted sleep find their way into lindalee_'s life...
~ for great news to find my friend kimberly27616... fingers are crossed sugar... although it's hard to type this way...
~ to send some good vibes out to sweet and island bound anney... just 'cause I hope she has a great day...
~ to point out that, indeed, you do rule... crayolaphoenix...

Birthday Katchup
Just a few quick Happy Birthdays from yesterday... :D
adrienned I think I'll call you Little Miss Fit's and Starts. :D You will forever be a shining star lighting up the evening sky sweet li'adds. I'm glad you have been sorting your things out and while I doubt you'll see this... Happy Birthday Sugar, I do hope for the next year to bring you ongoing success in the life you are building.
katy_kate Happy Birthday my precious little crack dealer... :D (I'm talking chocolate here... so put the phone down) May you have a wonderful year ahead and continue finding such great pleasure.
razzberee Ahh... picture girl... :D I will never ever tire of seeing the pictures you post... You are a rare girl... with an infectious energy and a wonderful attitude to carry you through your days... I count myself very fortunate to have met you here... Happy Birthday marie... Have a fabulous year sugar...
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