Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

oh my gosh... (and yes, I always feel silly saying "gosh" like maybe I'm cheating on being a dyed in the wool swear'en foo)
but it's been a long ass day...
And it isn't over yet.

We have our new furniture... transported and in place...
Please now imagine my wife in a state of bliss.
She's waited many many years for this. :D

Unfortunately, I still have to go down and turn off the water and revisit the faucet thing.
I'm suspecting that I'll thread some pipe fitting and end up swimming from the kitchen to the family room.
I recall something about never tackling plumbing issues after sundown. :D

Earlier tonight, I was powering back a coffee...
Edward wandered into the kitchen... (he's the 6 year old)
He's standing there with his new hair cut
and wearing a robin hood costume over his jeans and gap hoodie...
talking up a storm and considering some piece of plastic like a treasure in his hands...
... and he looked absolutely perfect.
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