Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

um... lat...

so I go to wash my face...
gotta go back a bit.
So I'm installing a faucet in the kitchen...
Yes, I just installed a faucet in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago.
However, you may be forgetting that I, in fact, live in a sort of faucet hell...
So the install today shouldn't be any kind of a big surprise.

This one has an umlaut in the name so it must be really good.
Apparently, in Germany, they don't typically have more than a single hole in the faucet zone on a sink.
As further proof of the existence of that hell place I mentioned earlier...
this tid bit of info about the fucking kitchen sinks in Germany is actually of great concern to me... here... in Kanata, Ontario.
We have three holes in our sink.

The lovely chrome soap dispenser that pretentious people have filling a hole along side their umlaut enabled faucets was ixney'ed in seconds.
umlaut boy is, however, dispensing water in my kitchen.
Little caps over the other holes suck... so it's going back tomorrow.
But the first one... the douglas fir of faucets... is also going back...
So basically... I'll be hunting down a new faucet tomorrow.

All that to say...

so I go to wash my face...
and turn on the hot, to let it heat up... It takes a while.
Our water heater is in conveniently located in Egypt.
I'm brushing my teeth when the hot clears customs
So I pop on the cold to piss off the hot...
And all that air in the line from having the water off...
made one hell of a thing when I turned on the cold.
Scared the absolute shit out of me...

Yeah... so 'member I said I was brushing my teeth.

Bottom Line:
I blame Germany for a cut on my gums.
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