Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Birthday Katchup

And sometimes I think it's almost heartless to not hit yer birthday day,
but such are the threads of life's messy little edges.

Starting way back on the sixteenth!

April 16:
paperlessdoll Happy belated birthday lil'paper-bits... I know you wont see this... you're last note being a "I'll be back..." forever ago... but however it plays out... may your next year find you healthy and well cared for.
theauthoress Ah Ceara.... CJ for short... of course there is nothing to wish for when I think of you save the heartfelt hope that this next year makes space it's days and weeks to bring you sweet relief... and care for your ever present need. Happy Birthday CJ... and take care of you so that when life gets around to cutting you some slack... you'll be there to snap it up.

April 18:
chicaboo25 Happy marginally late Birthday missy Ellen. I hope you find a year that passed one washed in happy memories when next I get to seeing your day come and go... maybe next time I'll be on-time. :D
gravity Clearly an interesting year for you ... and one of new beginnings ahead. Life, when it is kind, leads people down one of two paths, one is a par and the other a road to glory. Both are our hearts desire... we define "par" and "glory" in our own terms. For my part, I hope you find glory.

April 21:
nextproblem Happy Birthday Emily... I know things are not being painted with all the fun colours right now... so let me wish for a brighter pallet to meet the brush that paints the story of you this year.
mrssuperbad Happy slightly late Birthday Mrs. SuperRed'n'Carrie... So... I'll abstain from being shameless about your hair and your lips only in you'll let my late birthday wish get by... :D May your year bring you great health... great love... and good quality shampoo... :D.

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