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well... another 24 night in the can.
man that show is wack this season...
Besides that?
Tonight, after work till now... (which is basically another whole day - score two points for training self to sleep 5 hours and like it).
has been a nice relaxing zone.
Nice n'easy dinner...
play with the boys...
write the survivor thing...
read with geo,
play with Z
and then geek a bit....

Time for bed in a minute.

I went to Chapters tonight... just before closing... to catch the "embedded starbucks" before they close...
We were perilously low on coffee... can't have that.
Do you know what a 'starbucks bag' is? the nice thick paper, and the twin twine* handles... k...
So "a pound of french roast... ground for a cone... thanks..."
(move over to end of counter with grinder ... final jeopardy music for a moment)
"here you go... would you like a bag?"
"oh yes... thank you very much, but only because I really like your bags..."
k... it's a 50 year old guy... he winks at me...
... I smile nicely...
then I crack up.

ok, you had to be there.

Shopping with me is fun.

alrighti... tomorrow is CFS... so I'll see ya on Sunday.

Gilligans Island was on...
I like that marianne...

*twin twine (double word score baby)

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