Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

interestinger and interestinger... :D

that applies to a lot of things lately.

That book... Da Vinci Code... i'm about half way through... and it's a blast.
I've had four catholic interventions so far... 2 on line and 2 in meat space.
All four were quick to say; "you know that's just a story right... I mean, it's not a history book."
To one, I only stepped a wee bit onto the line.
The other three heard "indeed... like the bible... cool."

People are on the mend here in casa de corto...
Clearly the storm warning that crashed into me last night has been downgraded ... :D
Geo ... no call from the clinic about strep (good) ... and the cold symptoms are lessoning... (also good).
Mrs Ouchi Back is less pained... this is very very very good.

Ok... 24 is quickly approaching... :D :D
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