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I know I just posted this in ljvalentines but I wanted to post it in my reg journal as well...

I got laid!!! I got laid by a gnome... hehehe :D
Ok, this has been the cutest valentines day yet...
Nikki (gardengnome) you are a wonder. They lais (sp?) made me grin from ear to ear... and the treats and cards for the boiz were just so precious.
A class act is rolled up in the goofiness of one lil'miss triscuit. Thank you tristian and the sonnet was really very thoughtful.
applelard (jen) sent me a shirley manson extravaganza!!!! what a sweetheart you are jen... (oh, and here it is...)

and I got a beautiful valentine from shannon (fuschia) and totally cute on-target cards for zebra and the boiz...

I AM OFF THE WALL... this is sooo cute... the kids loved opening their valentines...
George says at dinner "Dad, we sure are getting a lot valentines this year... who are these from?"
Corto: "These are from my friends ... and they live all over the world..."
George: "Wow... we sure are lucky!"

Boy oh boy... do I ever agree...

Thank you, you are kind and wonderfully spirited people and I know I am one lucky duck.

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