Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Birthday Katchup

From yesterday... April 14
monkey ... well I came to you special and made a wish... but here you go again ... have a great year and I hope the friendships that surround you ... continue to do so. You've earned that!

sleep_walker Dear Helena, I don't know if you'll see this... but I do hope you find the peace you need to carry you into the next big stage of you. It's just around the corner... and it's going to be fun. You have such a creative and artistic eye... I can only wish ... or hope that it continues to find expression. Happy Birthday sugar.

And as for today!
bramey... happy birthday sugar-bronze... :D May all your little experiments give up great data (and how was that for sounding condescending... didn't mean it like that...) You are an amazing woman Bronwyn... I hope you have a great year ahead and make many "keeper" memories. :D

giggly_girl... you have such an infectious smile... :D Have a great birthday sugar-bricker... May you find yourself beside yourself with the happiness of friendship.

kendokamel Happy Birthday Sugar-Stick... May your every stroke be disarming... :D (giggle). I hope you have a great day and a wonderful celebration of your day.

and just because yer special...

Happy Freaking Birthday Sugar-Kaye

Today is also stephaniekaye's birthday... with the events of the last year tucked firmly into the folder labelled "phew... I'm glad that's done", may this next year shape up with a great deal more of what's making you smile lately. I'm truly happy to read that your world has spun itself into such a great place. :D

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