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Hey journal junkies... it's fix time...
It's official, corto is seriously wrapped and slapped again today ... smack, whack!
(I'm big ol'orange chocolate ball getting smacked on the counter... - whip me, kick me, slap me, scratch me, just remember, when you're done... baby you have got to kiss me better.)
Oh, and did I mention that I'm feeling a little bit goofy...
I'm working on three contracts and I'm try'en to keep from going banana's about some contracts that have not come down yet... I gotta get my team billable!!!! (in our business, if you're not billable, you're "on the beach" and on-the-beach means nobodies paying my bills for said employee... not a good thing.)
I have the greatest image for my pal - the radiant head banging super hero - or is that heroin - or is that a drug ???? - regardless, the great capped one herself, Kym (nbbmom) the contemporary answer to Dr. Johnny Fever.
Kym I took this picture in the Guitar Store Extrordinair in Disney Downtown specifically for you ... this link is to the GIANT file... so you'd have the whole thing... If you can't DO image editing at home, let me know and I'll resize it for ya... Click (remember it's big)
Now then, how'd I wake up today...
sleep sleep sleep
Me: snort, sniff... stagger stagger... (walks to the boiz room) "Hey pal, whats up?"
Edward is standing, very casually, at the rail of his crib. One leg crossed over the other (look's cute in the one piece zipper sleeper).
He makes this "The Price Is Right" sweeping arm gesture towards the curtains... looking like he's presenting the NEW CAR!!! and says:
Ed: "The sun is up daddy. I can get up now?"
Very clear words...
I was slack jawed... big smile crawling around my face and I agree:
Me: "yes, Ed, it is morning... and yes you certainly can get up..."
So I put him in our room and switch on blues clues for him while I shower...
what a cutie.
He's having such a hard time with a very sore throat and coughing... :(
and George got back from the doctor yesterday after polio and mumps shots (two separate needles) and with a brand new script for an asthma puffer... arrrrg.
Later ... time to work.

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