Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 15

Yeah... that's the face of a tired boy... but a wary wary happy one... :D
The sun is shining and it's an amazing day out there... Sings.

I cannot believe how messed up the world of broadcast media has become with the big "delay" deals and mini freakouts... Is it really all because of Janet and her ugly tit? How punk ass dumb is it that america can watch a field of grown men kick the shit out of each other, drink enough beer to pee on their couches, accept a game time radical increase in domestic violence (shut up bitch and get me a beer .... smack!) yet everybody has a freaking morality attack over a has-been dancer slash singer showing off one of her unattractive tits... Was it maybe because it was unattractive? I mean, the whole over-reaction-america-style thing is getting really old guys... take a fucking pill.

~ blue ftls
~ light cream, almost white actually, p-z cargos... well, their sorta cargos...
~ a gray T
~ a big comfy sweater... kinda dark blue and white
~ EVIL bid meeting from 1:00 to 2:00...
~ writing ... breathing... writing... drinking coffee... oh, and yawning...
~ it's a SURVIVOR night... :D :D :D
~ that I could see what every one said in a recent poll put out there by this girl I know in Dallas...
~ we could all time travel like the amyaustinSlightly Delayed Traffic Chick. I mean, she can bounce back 8 seconds any time she wants...
~ that my friend kimberly27616 has a safe trip... and gets her hands on things that leave her so damn happy...
~ to congratulate lil'miss razzberee on the cool new wheels... :D
~ to send some hugs and love to lizvang. Just 'cause...
~ for a safe journey to be in the offing for sickboy and a wonderful wedding

Hey... I'm just wondering... is it legal to be a member of the Klu Klux Klan in the US?
How about the American Nazi party?
(and, btw, I can never say "american nazi" without picturing Jake and Elwood revving the engine as Jake says "I fucking hate Illinois Nazis")
Too bad there wasn't a cash money fine for hypocrisy... You could stop paying taxes... and just build roads and stuff funded by the Hypo-collections.

... and, um... it's illegal to put several grams of lead into the head of the Grand Wizard right? Maybe you could just send him to guantanamo bay... hmm?
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