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so little time... so much to do.
one things for sure, I gotta say "later homeslice" to my buddy alison... sixtyten have a great trip. take pictures with something...! I hope you have a fantastic time... and miss everyone horribly! :D
I also want my pall mauracelt to find yellow ribbons tied around everything in her universe... I wish I could make it so she couldn't lift up a rock without seeing a yellow ribbon ... just for a week or so. When you come back... you know I'll enjoy reading about things... while you're away, you know I'll be watching your back. Later superhero girly...
hmmmm, and I wish people in melbourn florida would take a pill about pets! jodilyn, I hope this all works out somehow... somehow that makes life a whole lot easier.
liz... lizvang... whizbang... I adore you... :D
a big testosterone imbued hug and then an uncomfortable high five with a but slap! ahhhhhh well, that's what your supposed to get for passing techi geek exams... yo happypage, mateo, I'm glad your making it through... :D
I don't know about other folks, but I keep telling stephi_banana that she looks delicious... and she keeps using the puckered powties (her lips!) on a post and I end up getting lost in thought... It's almost hard to concentrate!
Lisa? ladyfire... have a great trip... Norway? sheesh ... you sure know how to get go'en places... be safe and watch out for burly norwegians with big clubs and hungry looks in their eyes...
I wish I had time... but theres just no way... I gotta sleep and tomorrow I'll try to make some pictures ship shape for posting... I have some fun shots to share... :D

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