Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, a holiday... April 12

Easter Monday... um... can this be another day dedicated to sloth?
Prol'y not... but I'mma going to act like it is for the fist half... mmmk.

The sun is shining... the air is er... well, crisp would be a good word for it...
The guys are watching a Lord Of The Rings movie and I'm heading for the shower...
next up? Loads of outdoor time. I think I'll put the camera towards the street for a while...

Note to self: I want to change the cam page to run two cameras instead of snapping back and forth between the two of them in one window.

~ pj pants
~ big comfy 6 year old sweatshirt...
~ oh... shower... actual clothes... stuff like that...
~ ug, I have to try and get through some of that "bid" thing from work...
~ push children outside and lock the door... er... ok, so no locks... but it's a nice day... and they need fresh air.
~ I'm thinking fish for dinner....
~ Firefly is on tonight... and it's a Part 2 thing... for which I still have the unwatched Part 1. :D weeee
~ a happy four year lj anniversary to one of my longest lj friends... lakme and a really good RW friend for most of that...
~ to point out that onstar is the devil in desguise... don't be fooled... :D
~ for the door to the future opens up with some new deals for my friend ladyfire
~ to point out that pasticcio... my travel godess... is not boring!

And can I just say a huge THANK YOU for all the easter photos... It is one of the most rewarding things for my time in LJ to get to see my friends doing their thing... in their worlds... :D

"Sure guys... (looks at clock) you can have some of your easter egg..."

If I have my way, they'll eat the whole lot NOW and get it over with... Chocolate and little boys is like beer and first year college boys... a recipe for insanity. My vote goes for... "get it over with as soon as possible..." :D
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