Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, Apri 11

So who is the Ester person anyways?

ok ok ok ... sorry. :D

My mommy dropped off amazing, delicious sticky buns this morning... yum.

The boys had a easter hunt and are somewhere in the house playing with some wee little dollar store type things from their easter baskets. :D
~ and we still got to sleep until almost 9:30. :D

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ and a very old denim shirt...
~ a bit a kink in my neck... slept in some weird ass position and now I'm all ouchi.
~ relax... :D
~ make a bunch of stuff to feed tacos to 11 people... we're having a pot-luck sorta Tex-Mex Easter dinner at my folks house...
~ checking the TV guide to see if there's a new Alias tonight...
~ kissing ma sugar... often...
~ that all goes well for the bride... and for my friend, rose_queen... the mother of the bride. :D
~ that everybody would leave me alone (at home) and let me catch up... alas... that is not going to happen... :( hahaha...
~ I hope that things are good for my forever-sugar sneetches...
~ ok ok ok ... sorry... but I just can't scroll scroll today... loads to do ... and times a'zooming.

So yesterday was all about getting things done. There were several road trips... including a mad dash back to home-despot to get a pipe piece that was keeping me from finishing a job... What job? you ask... well....

See I started with this;

And it was an accident waiting to happen...
due, mostly to this...

So, I got this... all of this...

And shut off the water...
Then installed this... :D

Resulting in this... (a big improvement)

and it works great...

(Note: this punk is expensive... grrrrr... it better have a long lifespan... )

We kinda OD'd on 24 last night... watching 3 episodes... till all hours of the night... but we've still got 5 more epi's to watch to finish the season.

I gotta get... family calls. :D

ps. I have a rediculous pimple on my forehead... off to the side... this is evil... I called it Shi-Ann... dumb ass pimple.

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