Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Fab Friday, April 9

Happy Fab Friday... a day that I dedicate to just embracing the notion of being a sloth!

The only snow in our world, lives between houses and beneath bushes...
Waiting for the creep of warmth to find the small tucked away spaces.
Pavement needs sweeping... sad grass needs scratching...
And if the sun stays out... I'm sure we can get to all that.
If not... well, there's eggs that need painting. :D

~ commando...
~ pj pants [ :: my most favourite comfy wake up clothes ever... :: ]
~ a big gap hoodie
~ and a smile... oh, and a coffee cup glued to my hand. :D
~ totally chill'en.
~ playing with the boys...
~ write about survivor after lunch... :D :D (it was a yell at the TV kinda show last night)
~ and plan for a family dinner here over the weekend.
~ oh...and we have several episodes of 24 on deck...
~ to send a wee "hey" out to ninneviane... :D :D
~ and push some good vibes out to a "beach house" destined kimberly27616 (lucky duck)
~ er... a wee bit of chill to find my friend lindalee_ so she can get some calm vibes for a fab friday...
~ for a little good news on the job front for Christine... occipitaldruid... !
~ for things to work out ... just right... for starlazdaze a very treasured and long time journal friend.
~ to send a little "hey" to my way far across the pond friend chicaboo25...
~ and some warm vibes out to my friend angry_amy... just 'cause.

pssst.. How 'bout them Senators... wohoo... :D hahahaha... I kill me... oh, speaking of kill... is Kill Bill out on Vid yet? Damn, I so wanna see that movie.
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