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The Australian Outback Stock Exchange.

A S2 Update

holy moly ... I couldn't have asked for more ... now that they have punished age... what's next?

We'll get to predictions later… but first a quick review… Episode 3: the Great Outback Nipple Parade.

I don't think that all the episodes rolled together from the first survivor contained as many nipple shots as this one… I'm not just try'en to be mean or typical guy here… The water bearer challenge was made to order… put on your swimm'en clothes, spread your arms across this bar over your shoulders, get wet, get cold, get anxious, get highbeams… Then the Mouth toting huge water cans, boiling water for drinking, etc, in her bikini, Mrs. Brady - the lady that craves Doretos - continues to keep her 'stock price high' and scary-jerri is still wearing the body glove deal… In fact, scary seems to conduct all her camera interviews sitting in the shallow river water look'en for all the world like she's take'en a pee while she talks. Miss Silver Panties is either scheming, picking her panties out of her ass crack or complaining … nasty. She and Coconuts each managed to put on a few beams as well. It's ratings time I guess.

And about those doretos and Mrs. Brady… she mentions the corn chips and look who becomes a sponsor.

OG's: The boiz on the OG keep talk'en about themselves and each other in terms of their stock value. A good analogy but just like stocks you just never know when your value is gonna tank!! Chief Pierre (Keith) basically gave away a bag full of corporate secrets when he was prep'en the fish… everybody was just sucking all the "how to go from floppy fish to yummy meal" details they could… making sure they can fry him in the fish fat when all's done.

Beaver (Mitchell) is such putty in their hands. Could anyone be more easily lead? They'll use him up and toss him aside just as soon as they can.

Oh, and has anyone noticed how the good folks at CBS edit a scene cut from scary-jerry to a spider constantly? I have 4 clear fades from scary to a spider eating its captured prey in the middle of a web from this weeks alone. And AND… twice now, they've shown her walking into the water and dunking herself, only to float up blue body glove boobies first looking just like a pair of shark fins!!! They truly are painting her to be the evil character we love to hate…

I got nuthen on Amber … except that the only big line they left in for her this week besides an "Oh my gawd" was her guessing that the challenge involved everyone getting "all tied up". I'm thinking I saw a little twinge of dynamic anticipation there… Other than that, she's golden. The only likable character on the show so far. And don't tell me what a great guy Cheese man (Colby) is. He's tryen to play scary-jerri, thinking he's all on top of it. You just don't want to mess with a scorpion like scary man…

They (the OG's) and calmly planned the execution of Maralyn (the nicotine patch wearing, singing, totally miss cast ex-cop… they punished age this week and that plot line is not yet exhausted.

KU's: They will loose the immunity challenge this coming week and they will fry Farmer Bob (Roger) - cause the crews are not done punishing age. He totally dragged them down last week and this week in the challenges. Elizabeth (Coconuts) is gonna cry out about 6 lbs (bringing her total weight down to 60 lbs!) when Roger is toasted. Balding Boy (Mike the Freak) is gonna kill a pig this week… wohoo… he's gone all native already, and I expect he'll need serious post Outback psych sessions before he will be able to rejoin society. Nick is just like Gervais was on the first survivor, black and lay'en low. The Hatchling (Jeff) is Dr. Alliance this week getting his hooks into silver panty girl… can you just see him and scary when they merge the teams… Youch.

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