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Monday, April 5

Well... we woke up late today... I mean, I woke up with the alarm, but hit snooze... then hit "off"... for what seemed like perfectly valid reasons at the time... Anyways, 8:11 was the next thing I saw so we were all madly off in all directions. :) I still got Geo to school on time and myself to work by 9:15... so whatever. I hate that I have to drive to another planet to get to work.

On a lighter note... it's still as cold as hell and snowy... with drifting snow... er... ok, that's not much of a lighter note... never mind.
As I type... I'm chowing down the last of my crack... and I'll prol'y have to be "out of crack" for a while... (stuffs expensive yo!) - and it always kills me when I get emails from random people that think I'm talking about actual crack... hello?

Freaking April... and the doors on my car were frozen shut... bah!!!!

:D I will be the happiest boy in the world... just because...

Hey... just a note: Hockey fans... remember the hassel over the Jersey Issue at Sens games? over 7 tonnes (metric tons!) of food was collected at the Hockey game the Sens lost horribly to the Leafs... and thousands of dollars collected... all towards the benefit of local food banks. Sorry, but any thought that the jersey thing was a problem... are over.

~ black and gray strippee ftls...
~ dk blue dockers
~ gray T
~ big comfy cream? off-white? and blue trim turtleneck... (the only plus to this weather... is getting to wear this sweater again)
~ one of my presentations has been put off another week... so back to revisiting all the marketing material... how do you spell fun? g-u-n-s-h-o-t-t-o-h-e-a-d?
~ watch Firefly tonight... I'm pretty sure I'm going to run out of new episodes soon... they made so few of them...
~ hopefully watch another epi of 24 tonight... I love watching serialized shows this way... it's a bit of an OD without that week-to-absorb thing... but tough... :D
~ happy vibes from Mz stephiechai... lucky girl...
~ grrrrrrrrrrrowl go clean the living room
~ for sugar-jess... pixiecup to have some get-better vibes for her boys
~ some good vibrations at stephaniekaye... she's the good mojo girl lately it seems... :D
~ the very best of hopes and prayers out to your sister dear teasdale
~ all kinds of good things about er... for ... mspish
~ um... justvisiting yikes... you should be writing a book sugar...
~ some "warm hopes" way out to Hawaii to my friend sirenity
~ and for wolfiegirl the best of hopes for your family sugar...
~ to thank shebear... she posted a pic of a Donner Party Survivor headstone from her journeys... so I went out and read all about 'em... interesting.

ok, so this is a bit odd... but really ... what else is new... ??
I think it would be fun to use the word "Think" interchangeably with all references to oral sex....
blowjob? "think"...
cunnilingus? "think"
getting? thinking...
giving? thinking...
just a nice generic term "think" for all things oral...
You know... on the phone with your main squeeze "Hi honey, I was going to come home at lunch? What do you think? hmmm? I think it would be a great idea?."
I mean... this could be a great stress reliever... Your boss, pissed off as usual, "Obviously you didn't THINK before you did that..." would prol'y leave you smiling...
A stern talk at school by the counsellor... "You will have to think long and hard about your choices..."
You, at your desk, mumbling... "think, think, think..."
And how could you not smile, trying to give advice to someone... "I think you should go for it... why don't you think about it... "
Casual conversations with your friends extremely hot wife? "I was thinking about you last night...."
Talking about your ex? "He really wasn't a big thinker..."
Any argument takes on new undertones... "what were you thinking?" "why don't we just think about this..." "maybe you should think about what you want..."
You're Aretha Franklin moments...."You better think (think) think about what you're trying to do to me, Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free"
When you're truly jonsing for it... "I want to think... think hard, just sit and think think think..."
Yeah, go ahead and not think about this next time you use the word... hmmm?

K... have a great day my little thinkers...
and remember... great minds think alike... :)

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