Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

yeah... so my heart was about to burst at the beginning of TKD class...

As our class started, Geo and Suz's class had just ended... and Geo was being pretested to see if he qualified to test for his Orange belt.
This was the test he failed to make the grade on last season... and like a trooper... he decided back then that he would try again and not be completely put off by the failure.

So while I'm doing the warm up stretching stuff... I can see Geo and one of the Blacks going through his patterns... and then ... *gasp*, everyone moves away so the guy in the Red Jacket can stand and watch him (Red Jacket... big boss man). Geo went through it... and nailed it to the floor! So he got his stamps and will be allowed to test for Orange.

This is a small thing in the turning of the planet... but an absolutely huge thing in the turning of his little world. When the pressure was on, and everyone was watching... he held it together and made it.

My heart grew several sizes to accommodate such pride.


note: and it's a firm decision that I wont be testing for my green so that I can hang back and sync up with Geo and Suz ... so I'll redo my Orange and we'll be in one class... phew.

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