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Thursday... April 1... duck...

bwaahahaha... have you checked your Lj Bio yet today... hahaha... stalkers abound...

So did you watch West Wing last night? That was kinda cool... especially the notion that they time warped three years forward in their setting. CJ and her poor hair... hahahaha... and I really thought the footage from her childhood was fun... do you think that was her? I mean... I'm guessing it was... but you never know...

The world outside... it's cold... rain is on the menu and I'm still driving the longest possible commute in this city... However, my kids are healthy, my family is together, my friends seem to never tire of making me feel like a million bucks and I still have fresh crack and American Maid at my desk. Life is good...

~ black stripee ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ my first p-z shirt... still actually a perfectly good shirt... (see icon) p-z makes good stuff yo
~ and a nice warm sweater.
~ MOTS*...
~ oh and I'm supposed to start making a slide show for the sales dudes to edu-ma-cate themselves with... re: the big project.
~ spending time with my fingers crossed.
~ start work on a new rev for my web site...
~ it's a SURVIVOR night!!!
~ I could get through just one April 1st without being zapped. Today's burn was at the (Strongbad!!!) site. :D
~ well, it occurs to me that I want to wish for something that has a lot to do with thongs... but decorum does not permit to ... er... never mind.
~ for things to go well for my displaced canadian sugar... canuckgirl at the interview... and either way... step one means your on the road!
~ that lil'Ali... er... aliminx's back feels better soon...
~ and that tiarafetish finds a better mood to swing through the day with...
~ I could spend a day hanging out with knightsdawn... just fuck off on everything and have him show me around his world...
~ that all is well with Miss kitiara ... and that her journey has already started to paint perma smiles on her heart.
~ there was some breekola in my world... but alas... earwax
~ and that my sugar-TV ... er... ectv gets a break from the migraine... soon !!!

yeah, so I went through several versions of nasty little April 1 jokes to play here... ranging from the outrageous to the the subtle... but it all seemed either a) believable - which would have been kind of embarrassing "wearing black thong, fishnets, ribbed bustier" or b) just mean... "bad news from home..." etc... so screw it... You guys are way too smart for this stuff anyways... :D

* mots: more of the same...
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