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Monday, March 29... almost April baby... :D

hahahahaha... ok... so I was kinda in a mood when it was picture snapp'en time. :D

I heard on the radio that Paris - skank-o-matic Hilton and Nicole Whatever are filming for a Fall TV show... they're driving around the country in a pink truck "trying to make enough money to get by". Um... gee... well I wonder how they could make any money?

So who's going to find the definitive answer to the question of Ankle Gate... that being the story of "just who's ankle is that attached to Bruce Willis's body...

... and please... if you can't handle the image of a mole... clearly you need to push yourself a little. :D yes?

~ black ftls
~ black jeans
~ gray t
~ kinda dark gray fake silk shirt ... has one of those "edges" that suggest it's meant to be worn untucked... which is fine with me. :D
~ ps. dear spell checker... I refuse to give up on "gray" in favour of your hiddious "grey".
~ to risk another week of snow storms and bring my shoes home... so I can just wear 'em to work instead of wearing the boots...
~ content creating... or as I like to say when the suits are listening "crafting the boiler plate text for the various assessment outcomes" (however, I spell with a K when I talk)
~ watch FireFly tonight...
~ fix up some stuff on my mom's web site...
~ that my little, and very distant, sugar... movingforward gets rid of those nails...
~ for the baseball angles to take good care of tiarafetish
~ and ... AND that some great news comes back to my treasured friend... pageeater... sending you all kinds of good-luck vibes sugar-page.
~ to send a few warm thoughts out to sirenity... just 'cause...
~ that my little displaced friend chrissmari is ok... or gets that way very soon...
~ and some special concerned and love'en vibes to my forever friend wolfiegirl... for you dad sugar... and for you.

There are times and places in a life ... the memories of which you can never escape.
There is love in the world ... and the sense of it cannot be compared to any other happiness.
There is pleasure... at the tip of a rubberized riding crop or the tingle of a gentle finger tip.
Live in the world of love and pleasure. It's your's for the taking.
Never give up... never give in. Don't let the bastards win.
Kiss... and btw... I love you.
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