Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


well it's going to be a "lost weekend" from a review of friends point of view.
The day is just too wrapped up from the crack of lids to the end to crawl back - paying anything close to attention - through all dem posts... :D

I heard a great quote from a Toronto DMX DJ yesterday, talking on the subject of the Brats and the Flava Barbie ... you know... the barbies and other little dolls that are dressed like street punks, ghetto ho's, hip hop junkies, and ghetto wannabe's.

"If they don't put enough of us in the mainstream products... we scream about underrepresentation... and when they do use us... it's black-sploit-ation."


and I'm just say'en... GI-Joe... is just a very well armed Barbie.

and yes... when I was little my bro and I had GI-Joe stuff... of course, it never occurred to me to setup a bunch of Barbies in a little bar scene to entertain the troops when they were on shore leave. But one look at the Flava Barbies... and you just know that GI-Joe is gonna get to make her walk funny.

Ok... I'll shut up now... :D


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