Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor 8 Update!!!

Survivor 8: The All Stars!!

The Bullshit Filler Episode

Wherein... nothing actually happens... Oh sure... we get to know that the Colbinator managed to get some seriously chaffed testicles and thighs in the first week... or that absolutely nobody can understand a word Ol’Tom says ... even when he’s sober. However, the mid season break / recap show remains a frustratingly un-fun moment in a Survivor Season.

The kids in Camp M&M managed to brew and get a good buzz from some coffee beans... but they didn’t say where the beans came from, and watching Rob try to make a Boston Cream Pie with Amba and Jenna is just a wee bit much.

~ getting to see Jerri cry again,
~ watching Suzy-Insanity-Hawk spiral into her own little nightmare and blow spittle gobs at Jeff,
~ a few fabulous stock images of the moon
~ and the kids at Chapera doing a mock Magic Tree House meeting imitating the Saboga tribe... complete with "Amba" stuffing her shirt to be Tina and Rob-The-Hand doing a pretty good version of Mistress Jeff The Survivor Dom.

Separated at birth? Yeah... I think so...

Two things...
~ hmm... looks like they still don’t merge next week... although they’re selling us on the notion that there is another big twist.
~ The replay of Hawks moment on the beam seemed to feed the notion that she was utterly full of cat shit with her "I was violated" crap.

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