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Birthday Ketchup

Busy day out there in the land of lj birthday babies...

Happy Birthday byron!! As "Texas" as they come bro! :D and yer only turning 30? yikes boyo... yer only just getting started... Have a wonderful year my friend and I wish you all the very best as this year becomes a memory.

And my friend gerber1701... Yo! Capt'n Kirk? where are you buddy? Happy Birthday.

Dearest Amy... my long long time friend... Happy Birthday paperdoil May you find great happiness in this next year... and enjoy all the little moments you can. You are a treasured friend and damn girl... you have beautiful lips! :D

Happy Birthday sweet kumi You have been a great find for me and my cruise of the world. I do very much hope that the future holds a place for our friendship and that you have a wonderful year. May you and your family enjoy great health and very good fortune... (and I hope you have a dazzling birthday sugar-k).

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