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Brought to you by a milk product!!!!! no really.

Sorry this is so long... so much to say, and so little time... sniff.
hmmmm... well I'm supposed to be studying... but the lure of lj is pretty strong... even though it's the most frustrating experience in the world. Gawd! how do people live with dial up connections? and this hand held is awsome but it's a bit slower than my p2 400... ya dig?
I saw the second half of survivor, and i know that z taped it at home. I'm going to wait till I see it before i write an update... gotta love that show. the immunity challenge was a greulling one!! ha! suckers. oh, and they finally got around to punishing age tonight. man that scary jerri is a piece of work... but later (plus it's nice to dig up the dirt that comes out after an episode hehehe!)
work today:
Get up after 4 hours sleep and eat in a snazzy restaurant. Stumble, unshaven bast throngs of families, young couples, and couples fro the blue-wash hair crowd in a warm morning sun at DISNEY WORLD (where the resort hotels simply go on forever...) and go to a resort ball room to have a class that lasts all ... ALL (ug) day. Hey... who new that there were two kinds of Dolphins? Theres the mammel - you know, like flipper, and theres the 'fish' - otherwise known as "Mahi Mahi". Had some of that to eat at lunch.
Talked the teach into conducting the afternoon session on the lawn out front of the conference facility... beautiful sun, lush look'en grass, small shade trees, and a gentle breeze. So after about 20 minutes of having your ass go numb, dodging the coke some guy totally sprayed (opening it), sitting on frick'in harsh crab grass, having all your papers blow around in the WIND!! and trying to hear the teach over the sounds of cars and trucks... I artfully proposed we get our asses back in comfy chairs in an airconditioned facility with coasters. It was a valient effort.
well, later lj.
oh, wait. some thoughts...

*teaser : whats with the
"vertigo with nausia"?? You ok hun? Now you got me all concerned!!!
*How come come people let mean shit hurt them in Lj land? This is the point of lj land... that you can tun it in or turn it off... click the x and move on. I love you guys and i so wish I had a button to push that would super charge a couple of million amps through the evil bastards that are pissing off my lj friends...
*dailymom : I'm getting excited about this girl... baby is getting busy inside... all moving and kicking... hehehe!
*twilightsm : I'm startled that you thought I made a good milk product? well my name, at least. :D and I don't mind. Heck... I'm pure, cold and dam good for you... yes, i am a milk product.
* I wish and prey that my pal, nextproblem needed a new name. I hope you find a living arrangement solution!! ps. when you slide into that super heated mode... you write HOT! :D
* Kellie : sugar i hope your having fun with lexi. you make me wish I had more time for lj... just to play with you on your games and posts... :D
* kassiepooh needs to squeeze a small part of jc real hard ... when he's looking at you with big saucer eyes that say "what?"... say "Word'em up, homeslice, mommy needs a little loven." Push him away and watch his face ... there's love in them thar eyes - ain't there! hehehe :D
*My friend blackdreams needs to feel the burn. the 'burn' of inner strength pulling you back from bad vibes about the man... smile sugar... tic* tic* you know I'm out here somewhere... {{ hugz }}
*paperdoil : consider yourself bone crushingly super hugged... ok... yea, I know you could hardly feel it... distance takes it's toll. :D
* Ok, I gotta stop, but just one last thing... my super unbelievably wonderful lj buddies, Kristy and Amy? you guys are so great... people could lear a bunch about living well from you guys... and puglover? I am bursting (no really, just off-the-wall!!!) happy for how things must feel re: the land that Tim planted. What a great place to build a shelter. :D

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